Thursday, 30 June 2011

More birthday treats!!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted. Life generally, health worries/problems (now alleviated more or less) and all-round lack of enthusiasm being to blame!!

But now I am prompted to post after receiving my belated birthday gifts from my lovely, lovely, super, clever friend, Wendy (aka the Queen of the ebay ‘wins’!!) – check out her blog for full explanations!!

Anyway, as I said to Wendy in a thank you email last night, I think she knows me better than I know me, because this is what she sent to me:-

First off, a red heart paper weight and wooden heart, which now decorate my lounge and kitchen

Secondly ..... get ready for envy!! Don’t you just love this chocolate polka dot mug/pin cushion – how cute is that, with its ‘Just Another Button Company’ pins? I love the rose pins, they’re so pretty.

Thirdly, this gorgeous ‘Just Another Button Company’ Carrot pincushion kit, which includes both their buttons AND pins. I am a huge fan of ‘Just Another Button Company’ and had been eyeing up their new line of pincushions, so this is right up my street ....... I’m really looking forward to making this up, and again, as I said to Wendy, I think I even understand the instructions!!!

Fourthly!! Look at this beautiful basket of cross-stitch pincushions (or possibly drawer liners) there's 11 of them altogether. Wendy wasn’t sure what to call them, as they came up smaller than she thought they would, but whatever they are, they’re gorgeous – she has put a lot of work into them, which I appreciate as a cross-stitcher myself (sometimes anyway). I may fill the basket with something like rosehips or cones maybe and then put the pincushions on top – something to tinker with anyway!!

And finally, here is everything together ........... who’s a lucky girl then eh?? Yes, it's ME

Already said privately, but now publicly, thank you so very much Wendy for my lovely, lovely pressies – they really did cheer me up when cheering up was needed!!