A little more about me!

My ‘Artist Bear’ journey started in June 2015. I have been into arts and crafts of one kind or another ever since I was at school, although in my early 20’s I drifted away from it when I married (young and in love!!). However, by the time I was into my late 20’s, I was trying my hand at cross-stitch and then watercolour painting in my mid-30’s. Then I re-married in my mid 40’s; and it was during that time, I became hooked on sewing. I started with patchwork and quilting after I received my first ever sewing machine, but quickly diverted into also making rag dolls – something I had always had a yearning to do. I made and sold some, but full-time working just simply doesn’t allow one’s creative fingers to ‘create’ very quickly; and I also felt under pressure whenever I was asked to make another rag doll. Anyway, I’m still working full-time, but am looking forward to retiring in just over 3 years time when I shall be 60, which will then allow me all the time I like for creating. In the meantime though, I shall make my creations as and when I can and hope that some of you will love them enough to want to adopt a ‘Bilberry Lane’ Artist Bear (or an Ellie or a Bunnie!).

As well as my bears, I anticipate I will still get distracted with other crafts from time to time, so you will also see the occasional bit of patchwork & quilting, crochet, or whatever it is I have been unable to resist buying!!

Thanks for looking

February 2017

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