Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Rosie May and one other!

So, here are 2 of the 4 rag dolls I’ve been working on lately ............. very definately the last ones I shall be making for a good while to come - time now to get some work done on my half-made patchwork quilt!

Doll number 1 ........... the first one (with no name) is made to order for a friend (for her to give to her friend’s daughter at least - I think anyway), which is why I haven’t named her. I’m rather pleased with the doll and think she looks quite cute and not too quirky, but this is where the pressure comes in – I always worry about whether the customer is going to happy ......... oh, the anguish!!! LOL

She has a pretty peachy colour dress with a scalloped hem and a white Broderie Anglaise dress underneath – she even has some white cotton knickers on look – apologies for such a rude display!!

Her big green eyes are painted and varnished with acrylics and the other features are embroidered. Brown wool for the hair, which is tied up in 2 big bunches with lovely coordinating chiffon type ribbon. And her shoes and socks are also painted and varnished with acrylics, but with added lace detail around the top of the socks, plus a tiny button at the side of the shoes – all rather cute I think – don’t you agree? I love those little thin legs!!!

Doll number 2 ........ who does have a name – Rosie May! She has the same facial and hair details and the same detail for the shoes and socks etc. Rosie is wearing a pretty pink dress with green coordinating trousers made from some Nancy Halvorsen fabrics (from her ‘Garden Song’ range I think), which I had in my stash and which I think is so pretty – I love the pink floral in particular.

Rosie is carrying a basket of pink rosebuds – hence her name I suppose!! And she has a lovely big pink coordinating bow in her hair.

I will probably be selling Rosie May if anyone likes her – contact me to discuss if interested.

Next time, I shall be able to show another one of the dolls I’ve been working on ........ she’s one of those ‘Tilda’ dolls that I originally made a couple of years ago and seemed to be quite popular at the time.

Until next time ...........

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Woolly Carrot!

Just a little quickie today. I've been abscent a while again because I've been busy trying to complete 4, yes 4 rag dolls ........ and I'm really sick of them by now I can tell you!!! 2 of them are to order, which always makes me feel under pressure, worrying whether they will be good enough. Anyway, that's not what I'm showing today - next time hopefully!! As a bit of light relief from doll makiing, I made up the lovely woolly carrot pincushion that Wendy sent to me recently for my birthday.

It was lovely and easy to make up and looks (almost) good enough to eat!!