Saturday, 25 September 2010

(New) Bag Lady!!

OK, so there was something else I was working on while I was away from work recently, but I hadn’t finished it, and I didn’t know whether it would turn out as I wanted it to. Now I know this is going to sound very big-headed, BUT, I have to admit to being quite proud of my new bag. It’s actually a rucksack and is made from my favourite fabric of the moment – Blackbird Design’s ‘Harvest Home’. I plan to use it for work (so long as it’ll take the strain) instead of having to carry 2 or 3 bags, plus an umbrella when it’s wet!!! Mind you, I’ll probably end up knocking people flying with it knowing me every time I turn round!!!

Here’s the front with an appliquéd front flap

........... a little zip pocket under the flap .... and get this cute little zipper with the scissors charm. I only discovered it very recently (maybe I’m behind the times), but I just had to have one for my bag! It came from Belen of Simply Patchwork. If you want to look at them (there are a few other different charms), pick up the link from her name and from there, take the link to her store.

This is the side – there's a large deep pocket each side for carrying a book, umbrella etc.

The back!

And this is a view of an alternative way I can carry it instead of on my back, as I can take the strap from the back and attach it to the clips on the sides ....... had to stand on a chair in front of the bathroom mirror to take this one!!! which is why it’s a bit dark – so apologies for that. My neighbours would probably have thought I’d lost the plot (be careful of what you say now!!!!) if I’d popped round to ask if they would take a photo of me holding my new bag ...... they’d have likely patted me on my head and sent me on my way!!!!!

Anyway, I hope you agree that it has turned out well – there’s nothing like blowing your own trumpet is there?!!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Born to Quilt Gus Pincushion

This is Gus the snowman pincushion – isn’t he cute?!! He was designed by Veronique of Born to Quilt and I bought the kit from Veronique at the NEC Festival of Quilts last month. The next picture shows a picture of the pattern front and I think you have to admit that my version is pretty close to the original, though his hat is a different colour.

Making Gus last night was a reward to myself for having finally finished this beach hut themed cushion for my lovely cousin, Pauline.

I love Pauline dearly, but I did not enjoy making the cushion. Originally, I was trying to make up my own design, but after 2 failed attempts, Pauline made a suggestion and showed me a picture of a cushion she had seen in a magazine and liked, so in the end I worked with that ..... even then, I struggled to find the right fabrics –ooooh, I really didn’t enjoy making it – have you guessed??!!! Now if I tell you that this is a present for lovely cousin’s 60th birthday, and then tell you that she will be 62 in November, you may just begin to see how bad the struggle was. Still it’s done now – I just need to get it into the post – or maybe I might deliver it personally – that would be a nice weekend wouldn’t it and it’s only about 1¾ hours from where I live – I think I might just do that!!

Till next time!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Devon Jollies and a finish!

I can now show you something I finished a couple of weeks ago (and gave a sneak peak of a little while ago) now that I know Deb has received her gift. It’s a bit of a cheek to call it her birthday present really, as this was for her 50th birthday in July, so it was a tad late – however, I think she has forgiven me and I think it brightened her day a little, as it arrived in the middle of the terrible earthquake they've had in New Zealand a week ago ... and are still suffering the aftershocks of!!! Anyway, I did a bit of cross-stitch and made a needle case and matching pinkeep ........

I have to admit being pleased with them, as I love the colours!

I’ve just come back from a short 'jolly' in South Devon, having had the opportunity to stay in the holiday home of an acquaintance. Although heavy rain was forecast, the sun shone practically the whole time and it was warm. These are the views from the back of the cottage:

......... need I say more!! The view was beautiful and very peaceful and I did have the opportunity to sit & sew for a while, but didn’t complete anything, as it was only a short stay and one or two trips were a must, including one to the beach in order to have fish & chips by the seaside – and if Wendy is reading this, that was the only slip from my diet – HONEST – it was a premeditated slip though!!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cross-stitch Challenge

Niky of Niky’s Creations has an interesting challenge on her blog, although it is now closed to new enquiries! Niky offered to send you a copy of her new pattern - this one here

The challenge was then to make the stitched project into something of your own choice – anything you like. This is how I made mine up ..........

Photographs of what you have made (incorporating the design) then had to be submitted to Niky by 6th September (tomorrow) and then on the 10th September, Niky will choose her favourite and the winner will receive something nice …….!!!