Saturday, 30 May 2009

Meet Rosie!

I’d like to introduce you all to Rosie (Rosie Posie as I like to call her!). She’s not mine though, she belongs to my aunt and uncle who have gone away for the weekend and so I’m doggie sitting!! Rosie is a Bichon Frise (a breed of dog I had never heard of until she came along). She is a bit of a 'pampered pooch', but has the sweetest of natures and I love her to bits!! My uncle will soon be 80 years old and their sons and partners/wives have taken my aunt and uncle away for a lovely weekend. They are staying at a posh hotel and having a day at the races today (horse racing) at Newbury, as my uncle really enjoys the horses! The weather is beautiful here this weekend, so it couldn’t be better for them. Looking after Rosie is going to mean virtually no sewing for me as she likes to sit right by my side most of the time – add to that ‘walkies’ and playing with her etc. I also have a friend coming for dinner tonight, so I have some cooking to be thinking about – I’ve made a start on the pudding (I’m making lemon syllabub) yummy!! Isn't it strange: as much as I am a complete chocoholic, my favourite puddings are lemon ones and lemon syllabub has lots and lots of sugar and cream in it – naughty, but nice!!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a great weekend and if in the UK, enjoying this gorgeous sunshine we're having.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Log Cabin

I’ve had a little shot at the Log Cabin pattern – I’ve not tried it before and it can look really effective when you use the right contrasts. I wouldn't mind doing a whole quilt in this pattern one of the days ................. but then again, it might make me go 'boggle eyed'!! This is only a small sample using some ‘Portabella Market’ fabric that I had (that's the greens, not the red), but it might make a nice mat for my sewing machine to sit on perhaps! I needed to have a break from making rag dolls!!! I have orders for two more dolls, but I’ve decided that I will definitely not be taking orders for anymore after these – I need to get back to making ‘me’ kind of things!!! Know what I mean?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Has anyone else out there been to see the musical 'Hairspray' - IT IS FANTABULOUS!!!!! A birthday treat from my friend Elaine was a trip to London to see this great show and it did not disappoint. Michael Ball, of course, was brilliant ( I am a big fan of his), but so were the whole cast - it's a real 'feel good' show and you come out dancing!!! I know it's on/been on in America - is it showing in Australia and other countries too?

If you get a chance to see it, don't miss out, although if you're in the UK and want to see Michael Ball in it, you'll need to get in before the end of July, because then Brian Conley (comedian) takes over from him.

I thought I'd better post about something as it's been a couple of weeks since I did while I've been making rag dolls. In case you're reading this Kerry, I've finished your 'Tilda' doll other than finding some shoes for her, so she should be on her way to you very soon!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Birthday treats!

It was my birthday yesterday and these are a few of the pressies I had - beautiful roses, a lovely plant holder in the shape of a tricycle (I love things like that!) and an applique book with a some fat quarters. Others pressies were various nice smellies and trips to a couple of shows, so I can't show those of course. One was last week when my brother and SIL took me to see a great british comedian, Rob Brydon - he's really funny!! And next Saturday (16th) a friend is taking me to London to see the musical 'Hairspray' - can't wait for that as I'm a big musicals fan and this one looks particulary good.

I've managed to slip in a quick bit of sewing for myself whilst I wait for the fabric to finish my second Tilda doll order - it's the next part of the 'Sheep in the Willow' BOM - I'm always behind with this - this is the 'April' block. I shall have to make a special effort to get the 'May' block completed during May ..... but don't hold your breath will you? I wouldn't like to see you all expiring!!!

Bye for now!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Birthday pressie!

I know I haven’t posted for a while, but I am still busy working on the ‘Tilda’ dolls that Vivi and Kerry ordered from me – see ‘Tilda’ doll that I made for the ‘Secret Easter Swap’ here. There’s not too much to do on them now and I hope they will consider them worth the wait!

However, I do have something to post about! Deb (from New Zealand) and I have gradually become bloggy friends over recent months and what a lovely lady she is!

Not much more than a few weeks ago, Deb asked when my birthday is ...... and probably regretted it when she discovered that it was so soon – i.e Wednesday (6th May)!!!!

I know I’m early, but I couldn’t wait any longer!!!

Deb has made me the most beautiful wall-hanging and I love it. The colouring of the stitching and of the fabrics are so very me that it’s clear Deb made it with a lot of thought and consideration for my taste. I particularly like the green fabric on the front, and, well, all of it actually! I love the wire hanger and have asked Deb where she had it from as I’ve never seen one like this before on any websites I’ve looked at, and a hanger really does add a finishing touch to hangings don’t they? And look at the fabric label on the back – it’s so sweet! Deb’s stitching is so neat and I love the picture (and the words).

And as if that wasn’t enough, Deb also made me this lovely little pin cushion; look how small the patchwork is. It’s going straight into use too to replace the one I’ve been using for a few years now, but don’t actually like, but hadn’t had time to replace, so Deb’s will be my new one!

Thank you so much Deb for your thoughtfulness; I really value your friendship. And please appreciate readers that Deb has also been suffering from terrible migraine lately, but has still managed to complete my beautiful gifts and get them posted to me before my birthday – what a star! I’ve never suffered migraine thankfully and hope I never do (a bad headache is bad enough thank you!!!), but from what others say, it is almost unbearable.

I had a small family gathering today to celebrate my birthday rather than on Wednesday when everybody will be back at work (it's May Day Bank Holiday in the UK), and I will be good and wait until the 6th to open the rest of my presents ......... well, I’ll try to wait anyway!!!!! Yes 49 years old, not 9!!!!