Sunday, 10 January 2016


I’m afraid I’ve rather fallen for my latest creation. This is Dylan; all 7½ inches of him! I knew as soon as I saw the pattern that I must make him. 

Dylan is from a pattern by Sylvie Touzard (next picture). The original bear I think is made from Viscose, which I didn’t have, so I used a similar colour mohair and cut it back quite a lot.

I’ve been as true to the pattern as I can; right down to his funny little trousers. The pattern calls for an old sock! However, I used the end of a sleeve of an old jumper I was going to throw out – to the same effect more or less; and then simply added some ribbon and I also added a couple of bells. And what about that cute little fat tummy – similar to mine right now, but that’s not why I love him so much LOL

Dylan has black glass eyes, a stitched nose and is filled with fibre fill and steel shot. I think he’s going to take pride of place – certainly for the time being anyway!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Daisy, Daisy .......

Cue for a song??!! But don't worry; I won't LOL

Here’s my latest young lady bear! Her name is Daisy. She is a commission from my very lurverly cousin Gwyneth who wants her for a little girl called ……………. yes you’ve guessed it, Daisy! I was left entirely to my own devises in the making of Daisy, so I hope Gwyneth likes her, although I have already told her that it’s fine if this is not what she wants. I didn’t think it was right to make one of my quirky style bears, as Daisy is a young/little girl (not sure actually of her age) who would no doubt prefer 'cute'. I did make a dress for her (which took me about 4 hours believe it or not!), but then I didn’t like it on her and decided ‘less is more’ in order that the lovely mohair fabric can be seen.

Daisy is approximately 9½ inches tall and made from a very pale lemon Ratinee mohair (I think the ‘Ratinee’ means curly) – I hope the colour shows clearly on your screens. The colour is actually described as ‘Banana Whip’, but I suppose it could appear as a cream kind of colour. She has black glass eyes and is 5-way jointed with matching pale lemon cotton velvet for her paw pads, with just a touch of ‘distressing’ around the edges. Daisy has lemon and peach ribbons around her head and a daisy necklace (also made by me) and she’s carrying a bouquet of paper daisy flowers.

As usual, any comments are welcome!