Wednesday, 27 April 2016


........... in honour of Queen Elizabeth who turned the grand old age of 90 last week! I was struggling for a name as usual and my very good friend, Elaine, came up with it when she came for dinner at the weekend. And I am a Royalist through and through, so it had to be!

Lilibet is just about 8 inches tall, made from a lovely silver-grey, beautifully soft Viscose fabric. She is filled with the usual firm fibre-fill and steel shot for weight. She is 5-way jointed, with black glass eyes and simply adorned with a fabric bow around her head which matches the fabric used for her paw pads. Lilibet has been distressed around the edges for a nice look of vintage!

I hope you like her too!

And now that the fabric has arrived, I can make a start on Edgar the Second - a commission!

Sunday, 10 April 2016


It’s a relief to have another finished bear to blog about (a bunny actually) so that I can relegate the ‘green eyed monster’ to a steep learning curve!! LOL I have said that I am still learning at the moment and all I did was to prove it – lesson learnt!!!

So, who do we have next? Someone much more up my street that’s who. I’ve made a cute little bunny: on the vintage and slightly distressed side. Blossom is from a pattern by Olive Grove Primitives and happily, she looks remarkably like the one in the pattern photo.

I’ve used a beautiful viscose fabric in the most gorgeous dusty pink colour. The more I use viscose, the more I enjoy working with it – better than mohair in fact. She is 5-way jointed and is 8 inches from top to toe. She has BLACK glass eyes (LOL) and is filled with the usual firm fibre filling and steel shot for a nice bit of weight. Blossom has been slightly distressed around the edges and is simply attired with a pretty pink ribbon around her lovely long bunny ears and has a fake rusty safety pin, a small bell and old coin charm pinned to her chest. And to finish off, a bit of faux mending stitches here and there.

I hope you like Blossom – I’m rather pleased with her!

Saturday, 2 April 2016


I know, not a very original name!! So, we’re in the month of April and I couldn’t think of anything else. I started with the name Apple (because of the colour of course) and really, I did once come across a child by that name ….. yes!!!

Now I want honest answers please: what do you think of the green eyes, because I’m not at all convinced? I nearly painted over them with black nail varnish, but then I knew I would probably make a hash of it and ruin the bear completely!! Let me know what you think (diplomatically!) and then I’ll know NEVER to use green eyes again and stick with the black ones.

Anyway, April is made of a lovely lime green mohair and she is totally hand-sewn. She is 10 inches from top to toe, has GREEN glass eyes with some white felt underneath and a brown stitched nose. She is 5-way jointed and filled with firm fibre fill and plenty of steel shot for a nice weighty feel. I have also given her a slightly distressed/aged look around the edges using oil pastels. I have made her a green floral cotton dress (machine sewn), trimmed with vintage crochet lace and I even managed to attach these antique brass popper fasteners - I was very pleased with myself that I managed to attach them without ruining the dress, hence the photo! She also has a pretty pink ribbon around her head. 

I wondered while I was taking photographs whether I should have made her some underwear!!! Too late now though, as my mind is on my next bear.

Mostly because April sort of matches my lovely vase, here she is sitting under my Easter tree next to my multi-colour bunnies (which I did NOT make – they’re way too small)!! 

Your thoughts please