Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Christmas Belle

I did start ‘Christmas Belle’ rag doll before Christmas, but got a bit delayed in finishing her ..... but here she is finally – better late than never!! I also made her a warm muffler to help keep her hands nice and toastie in all this snow we’re getting here at the moment – anyone want to swap their sunshine for a bit of snow? Well, a lot of snow actually!!!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Mary Little

......... now has a new home - mine!!!

My ‘Mary Little’ prize arrived today and I am so pleased with it. As I said to Patti in an email to her, she must have the most amazing eyesight to have stitched something so small – it is tiny, which makes it all the more beautiful. I have tried to take a photograph that shows how small it is. But you really need to do a close-up of the photograph to really appreciate how minute the stitches are!!

..... and this is the back

I am so lucky to have won this fantastic prize – thank you Patti – you’re a gem!!!