Friday, 18 September 2015

Tilly the Hefalump!! :0)

I've been itching to make a mohair 'bear' elephant and here she is - Tilly

Can you call an elephant Tilly!!?? Anyway, that's her name. She's made from a dusty blue mohair, with cotton fabric for her inner ears and is fully jointed, with steel shot in her little fat tummy to weight her. She's also carrying a basket of roses on her trunk

I love her to bits, although I hope to improve on the design next time.

Any well-dressed hefalump must of course have a ribbon on her tail, and I didn't forget LOL - see?

And look at these - get the false eyelashes - they were tricky I can tell you!

I'm certainly learning as I go along. I think I need to plan ahead better and be a bit more patient instead of being so eager to get another bear finished. That's what happens when full-time working gets in the flippin' way all the time. I've made two bears in the last 2 weeks only because I've been on leave from work; and to be honest I had hoped to make more, but I have been out and about a bit too, including my first ever 'Bear Fair' at Kensington Town Hall in London ........ gosh, so many gorgeous bears, so much inspiration!!

Saturday, 12 September 2015


I finished my latest creation this morning; her name is Penny (see the little penny charm sewn on her chest)!! The problem is I can't decide whether I like the little (tu tu) skirt or not - will you help me choose?

Without skirt

AND, with skirt

Some bear makers dress their bears in complete outfits, but I have to say, the more I make them, the less adornment I think they need - the beauty seems to be in the lovely fabrics; and to a large degree, in the facial expressions. I think Penny is probably my cutest one yet; and just 6 inches from top to toe!

Anyway, let me know what you think please!!