Sunday, 20 August 2017

Next installment - Summertime Delight BOM

I forget which month I'm on now - month six I think!

It was a bit tricky with so many smallish squares - but the measurements are correct! Mind you, if I thought these were small, I'm not looking forward to the next one (Totally Patched sent two Blocks together this time) ............. just look at all of those little 1½ inch squares :0( 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How lucky am I?

This fabulous Kim Diehl complete quilt kit arrived today, costing me not a penny! A lady (a lovely generous lady) who I follow on Instagram last week decided she really needed a clear out of her fabric stash (it was very big!). She had offered the kit to somebody else who was after reproduction fabrics; and I asked that if the other person didn't want the kit, would she tell me how much she wanted for it, as I was interested. Well, how surprised was I when she got back to me saying she would send it to me (at no charge). I can't tell you how grateful I am; but of course now I need to do justice to such a fabulous addition to my fabric stash!! That'll be in between working full-time, making teddy bears etc. etc...............

I won't give the lady's name on here, as I don't know whether that's okay, but isn't she super kind?

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A pressie for me!!

Just a quikkie before I head off to bed!

Simone over at Linden Grove didn't waste any time in getting these lovely paper craft gifts off to me! Aren't they lovely? Three lovely gift tags and a very amusing frog bookmark. The cat and owl tags have some really nice detail on them such as the stamps and the butterfly. I can see what will happen of course ...... I won't use them, because I'll consider them too nice to give away LOL. This was a little 'thank you' from Simone having reached her 1000th blog post and I, together with a couple of other blog friends have followed her blog almost from the outset in 2008 - 9 years as 'bloggie' friends!!

Thanks again Simone!

I also thought you might like to see two more of the sally Shopper bags I made - my sister-in-law asked me to make four for her to give as Christmas presents to friends. The other two are the same as the original one I made for myself - do you remember it in the lovely marina fabric?

Here's the original 'marina' one again - which one do you like best?