Saturday, 24 September 2011


I just came across a great Giveaway on Janet’s blog. It’s for a chance to win this great looking book called ‘Patchwork-Play Quilts’ by Lynn Roddy Brown. The book shows you how to use up some of your scrap fabric to make fabulous looking quilts. It’s certainly appealing to me, as using up some of my HUGE hoard is what I’m going to attempt to do once I’ve completed my current project (a cross-stitch sampler).

So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning the book (which is autographed), then pop over to Janet’s blog and leave a comment. The Giveaway closes on Monday 26th September.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Angel Doll

Having been out of action the last few weeks following admission into hospital for some BIG surgery, which leaves me feeling incredibly tender right now, I have little sewing to show, so (and as I’m not sleeping terribly well because of the surgery), I thought I could show you what I sent to Deb in New Zealand recently for her birthday ...... albeit a very belated birthday pressie (Deb’s birthday was in July!!!).

Anyway, Deb had sent me one of those lovely Tone Finnangar ‘Tilda’ books for my birthday in May and I got the impression (hope I was right!), that Deb rather liked the angel dolls in the book, so being unable to think of anything else to make for her, I set about making this little lady

I love the way you make the flip flop sandals – so easy and yet so effective.

The thing that really surprised me however, was how big the doll came out. Whenever I’ve looked at these dolls, I had assumed they were about the size of a ‘Barbie’ doll, but, No, they’re quite a bit bigger that that!!

Anyway, I’d better not sit at this compute for too long in case I seize up!!

Take care all