Friday, 18 April 2014

Shazy Swap!

I am so lucky!! Look what I got from Shazy of Country Prims!

Recently in February, Shazy saw this woolly sheep I made for Wendy (Quiet Room blog) and was rather taken with it. Anyway after a bit of to & fro'ing, we decided on a swap. I know Shazy was a bit concerned about making something she thought would suit me, but oh my days, she could not have 'got' me more accurately. Inspired by Veronique of Born to Quilt, she's made this gorgeous Prairie Doll Pin Keep ....... isn't she just fantabulous?
 The detail is so lovely - the scissors, the tape measure ribbon, the acorn pin .............
........... and I just love the base. It's wooden but with a rust paint effect (I need to know how to do this!!!)
I love everything about her and she will adorn my new sewing room (ex-spare bedroom!!) extremely well
And as if that wasn't enough, Shazy also sent these two lovely Wool Charm packs - can't wait to find a use for them!! In the top picture, you can also see a lovely sheepy LHN cross-stitch pattern - flosses already ordered Shazy. Typically, amongst my pot of Crescent Colours flosses, I don't have any of the ones I need, but do not despair - they were ordered last night!! Plus a bag of chocolate eggs - yummy, scrummie - they will wait until Sunday ...... oh yes they will!!

Shazy, you're amazing - thank you so much. I have already emailed to grovel the fact I haven't yet finished my half of the bargain, my excuses being work, work & more work ...... been doing a lot of overtime lately .......... but they will be winging their way to you before long.

Now after seeing this on Simone's blog, I hot-footed it to WH Smith's to purchase myself a copy before they were all sold out! What a lovely magazine - very Shabby Chic - very droolable (no such word of course - I just made that up!!)

This 'Altered Art' is amazing - can't see me doing it though - too clever for me!
and this page - well, I just love this kitchen - very country cottagie (another made up word!) with the rustic beams and black & white flooring - lovely!

Nearly lastly (this is a bit of a longish post for me these days!) is a picture of the two vintage style crates I bought last weekend during a 'girlie' weekend I had with 3 of my cousins in Barmouth (mid-west Wales) - another reason Shazy for me being behind with your pressies!! Aren't they just luverley? The bigger one on the bottom is the colour as bought, but I've decided to wax polish them, as in the smaller top one, which I think makes them even luverlier!! What do you think?
and as I've mentioned it, I may as well show you a photo of me with my cousins from last weekend - don't we look a crazy, likely lot? We were quite well behaved though actually - honest!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Easter decos

Just a quickie to show off my little Easter display - there isn't a lot, but it does the job. Look at the lovely little yellow lights on the tree - just the right size and length - I found them in a local garden centre for £2.49 ....... a bit of a bargain. I'll be glad when Easter comes actually, because in order to help my dieting, I gave chocolate up for Lent. The trouble is, I've eaten twice as many cakes as usual instead LOL, so I feel a big bar of chocolate coming on on Easter Sunday - I'm so hopeless!!!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring is in the air

I've been getting in the mood for Spring & Easter ....... No, no, I haven't been eating chocolate. Well apart from all the chocolate I ate over Christmas and through January and February, hence the extra pounds sitting on my posteria!! Instead, I've been inspired to make this little birdhouse display thingummy! I saw this one on the 'Calico Crafts' blog and was so struck with it, I just had to make one - mine's similar, but not an exact copy, I've added my own touches and am pretty pleased with the result

Do you like the little picket fence I added to mine with a tiny padlock charm hanging on it?

I added paper flowers, a small terracotta pot, a vintage style label and a clock charm - and just to finish off, I glued a bit of paper bunting on too

oh yes, and a rusty heart on the roof!

So, what do you think? Time to go and find the rest of my Spring/Easter bits & bobs I think!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Woolly treasures

Well, I've had all sorts of problems with Blogger lately and have finally managed to upload my photos - goodness knows what's been wrong, but it appears to be alright again ....... for now anyway!
February was Wendy's birthday month - most of us (apart from the Queen) only get the one day don't we, but Wendy celebrates all month! Who can blame her! Anyway, I thought I'd show you a couple of things I made for her, which have a February Valentine theme. Wendy LOVES wool so what else could I make, but a woolly sheep
I loved the little antique brass label I hung around his neck - it's actually a jewellery setting, but I thought added a great touch

I was quite taken with woolly sheep number 1. and ended up making one for myself ...... seeing double!!!!
I also made a little cross-stich heart, which I attempted to grunge up, although I wasn't sure whether I'd gone over the top in the end - Wendy very kindly told me she liked it though. That's what friends are for aren't they LOL

So, there it is - better late than never!! I'm trying to work on a new rag doll at the moment ....... and it's very 'trying' I can tell you - perseverance Julia!!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Cathy's Giveaway

Pop on over to Cathy's new 'Patchy' blog for a chance to win one of her lovely patchwork gifts ..... gotta be in it to win it!!

Monday, 3 February 2014


Well, I finally have a couple of things to show and I’d better show the more interesting one first!!

BUT, before I get going, I have had the most annoying problems trying to upload the photographs to this post (the first time ever I've encountered problems!) - I tried yesterday and again today and in the end I've only managed to do it by 'copy & pasting', which I know isn't the proper way of doing it, but I have at least managed to get the photographs on to the post! The quality of them though has suffered - has anyone else been experiencing similar problems???

SO, introducing ‘Gustav’, my little woolly bear:


Apologies for the colour – the photographs were taken in the evening under electric light, so the colours are bit brighter than true – he’s a bit darker in reality. Gustav is from a pattern designed by Megan Wallace - you can find her on Etsy here. He should be made in real mohair teddy bear fur really, but I don’t have any of that, as I’ve never gotten into proper teddy bear making .......... although I have been thinking about it!! instead I’ve used some lovely mulberry colour 100% wool. I’ve used bits of gorgeous variegated velvet for the innards of his ears and for his hand and foot pads ...... I’ve also tried to grubby him up a bit to make him look a bit older – sorry if it’s not showing, but he looks quite cute in real life – Honest!! He’s even got his own metal name tag around his neck tied on to a piece of lovely yellow chiffon ribbon.


Anyway, I hope Gustav was of some interest to you, as sewing project number two is I’m afraid rather boring – on the face of it anyway! To me however, it is REALLY exciting, because it’s the beginnings of me having a dedicated sewing/craft room – YES!!!! Up to now, I’ve always used my dining room, which has been OK, except that whenever I’m entertaining, I have to do a mass clear-up ........ who out there doesn’t know what I’m talking about eh!! And as I seem to be entertaining more often these days, it’s becoming a bit of a nuisance. I live a smallish two-bedroom house and have always been reluctant to give up the spare bedroom over to a craft room, BUT, on the grounds that I sew far more than I have overnight guests, AND because I recently came up with an ideal solution, I’ve decided to go ahead with the conversion.

And the solution??? Well, it’s simply a fold-up guest bed, which folds up into a pouffe the rest of the time - it will live in the corner of my craft room and when I fancy a little sewing break, I can relax on the pouffe and watch TV, which will also be in the room. So ........ after a boringly long story, this is my second make

I bought 3 pieces of very firm foam and plain brown fabric from the market and covered them. I am pleased with it, as I managed to make nice tight covers and the firm foam makes for a very comfortable bed and seat. Eventually, I shall make an appliqu├ęd, quilted cover to go over it to make it look more interesting.

This is the bedroom as it is now.

I need to get rid of the bed (and I think I’ve found a new home for it, which is better than sending it to the tip)! And THEN, bring in a work table and shelving etc. – can’t tell you how excited I’ve been recently anticipating this transformation – I’m very easily pleased you know!!!! so you must forgive me LOL

I hope very soon to be able to show another photo of my new craft room!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Before it's too late - 5th January isn't too late is it???

Unfortunately, I don't have anything new to show at the moment - I'm in the middle of something, but that will have to wait until another day, so .....

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my bloggie friends

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sleigh Bells

Another cross-stitch finish and just in time for the festive season! This is from Country Rustic Primitives - Jenny has loads of lovely primitive patterns available on Etsy, really worth a look if you've not come across her before

I've made mine up a bit differently by adding red homespun fabric top and bottom and a run of tiny rusty bells across the bottom

Mind you I have to admit to swearing at it more than once while I was stitching it!! The pattern suggests stitching on Osnaburg and as I had some I thought I may as well use it ....... what I didn't know was that stitching on Osnaburg is like using 32-count linen - bear in mind, the smallest I use is 28-count, so I found it pretty tough on the old eyes and practically impossible under electric light. Still, I got there in the end, added a bit of coffee staining, and voila .......... and I love it!

I bought this pattern too at the same time, but didn't get around to making it .......

maybe in time for next Christmas!!!!


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Pineberry Lane Pinkeep No. 2

Well, it took me longer than anticipated – I knew it would- but here’s Wool Pinkeep No. 2 from Pineberry Lane and it was a darn sight easier to stitch than the first one on the dark linen!

here’s Pinkeep No. 1 and Pinkeep No. 2 together

And speaking of woolly things, look at what I bought from Ebay recently from Old Scotties – beautiful dyed wool, so lovely and soft – it’s gorgeous. The colours in the picture are fairly true to life. Of course, I have no idea what I’m going to use it for. It’ll just be added to the stash for now (as you do!!). Seeing how lovely it is, I'm inclined now to bid on some other colours ....... well it is practically Christmas isn’t it and I ought to buy myself a treat (or three) – nobody else is going to buy it for me anyway. Sounds as though I’ve just justified it to myself doesn’t it LOL

Oh well, back to Christmas present wrapping I suppose ...... it seems never ending!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pumpkin Pie

Isn’t it fabulous when you get home from a hard day at work to find an unexpected package waiting for you!!  That’s what was waiting for me today:0) ....... a surprise pressie from my sweet friend Wendy – a bit of woolly love in the form of a Pumpkin Pie Pincushion.
Isn’t it lovely? Thank you very much my friend – I love it. Wendy, as we know, is the King (sorry, Queen) of pumpkin making, but such a clever idea to put one in a tin to make it into a Pumpkin Pie. Wendy was being thoughtful in more ways than one too, because she did tease me a bit at the beginning of her letter by telling me she had thought about sending me some Pumpkin Pie (yummy, yes please!), but then decided it would be a bit messy in the post and unkind to my hips too; anyway I prefer the woolly version Wendy, so much better for me (although I’m sure the foodie Pumpkin Pie is scrummy). I love the rusty pin and bell on the top too - a great prim touch.
....... now I’m off to find some pins for my new pin cushion!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

I Love Dolls

Isn’t she just Soooo ME? ‘I Love Dolls’ – one of those little Blossom Bucket resin ‘dust collectors’!!
I ‘won’ it recently on ebay (now there’s a Wendyism if ever I heard one LOL) .... sorry Wendy! How could I leave her there floating around the internet – I couldn’t could I? She had a long trip mind – All the way from America – she’s worth it though and now I have to find a special place for her, so she can watch over me while I make rag dolls ...... yeh, sad, I know!!!!

Another little ebay ‘win’ a couple of weeks ago was some Primitive Gatherings fabric.
I’d been with a friend to just a small quilt exhibition held in a local church, which was lovely and very inspiring, but of course there were also a few traders – only 4 stalls in the church hall, but I still managed to spend a few pennies. When I spotted the Primitive Gatherings ‘Seasonal Little Gatherings’ charm pack, I made a ‘beeline’ for it – there was only one, so I wasn’t going to let anyone else get their hands on it and bought it on the spot! Then of course when I got it home, I decided I really needed a bit more of the fabric to make the charm pack useful, so hence the two half metres ‘ebay’ wins ....... isn’t it scrummy? Can’t quite decide what to do with it now of course!! I’m thinking of perhaps a small stitchery for the middle, then make it up with the squares with a border – oh choices, choices ...... what I actually need is the time to do anything at all with it though ........

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

April Showers!

Now I’ve probably only had this Blackbird Design ‘April Showers’ pattern for these stockings about 3 years! and I finally got around to stitching them recently when I went to Spain (in September) on holiday. I know it’s the wrong time of year for April showers, but, hey ho!! I decided some stitching was a ‘must’ for my holiday and managed to complete two and a half of the stockings while I was there – I amazed myself, but it does just go to show how little time you get for sewing in the normal course of crazy, mad work days, housework, shopping etc. Having done two and a half in one week, it then took me a further 3 - 4 weeks to finish the other ‘half’ after I came home ...... and then another 2 weeks or so to finish them with the fabric backing and the beads. I’m very pleased with them though
This is them individually, and if you look closely you can see that I’ve added a little charm to each one. A heart charm on this one - my favourite with the blue umbrella

I love the little ladybird on this one

and I think the charm on this one is meant to be a little buzzy bee or something .... not too sure really, but cute all the same (can a bee be cute! hmmm – maybe not)

so that's my latest finish; and now back to wooly pinkeep number 2 (see previous post for wooly pinkeep number 1) – I’ve made a start on it, but haven’t got very far and I don’t think I’ll be doing much of it this weekend either, as I’ve decided I MUST MUST dedicate the weekend to finishing off decorating the bathroom, which I’ve only been doing for about 3 months!!! I am not in the least bit inspired to do it – but it HAS to be done, so .......... !!