Sunday, 15 April 2018

Facebook MAL

Well, this is nothing to do with bears, despite a picture of a bear :0) What's on display are the little hooded coats. Over the last 12 months or so, I've had a growing interest in Waldorf dolls and know that I will be going in that direction at some point - I'll still be making bears too though. If you're not familiar with Waldorf dolls, well I can't even show you one, as I haven't made one yet, but because I follow several ladies who make the most exquisite dolls, I've joined a Facebook MAL (make along) run by the very talented Astrid; and each 6-8 weeks, she introduces a new item of dolls clothing to make. So, even though I haven't been brave enough to make a doll yet (they look very complicated!), I have joined in with a couple of the MALs and the current one is this hooded coat.

Now the bear comes in because the coat actually fits him; and he was quite willing to model, even though I would really say it should be on a girl - just use your imagination a bit if you don't mind :0)

Anyway, I got that excited about the cute little coat AND the cutest fabric, I just had to make two simply because I couldn't decide which one to go with

So, what do you think!?

Saturday, 14 April 2018


This is Amelia elephant, one of my newbies I showed on Sunday. I've been meaning all week to do individual slots for them, but you know, life takes over (in other words, work!!). Anyway, Amelia is a lovely pale pink colour viscose with the prettiest floral Liberty fabric for her inner ears and two pink ribbons around her head. She also has a beaded choker around her neck and 3 mother of pearl buttons down the front. A touch of ageing around the edges adds to a vintage look. Amelia's height is 8½”/21cms top to toe and 6½”/16cms sitting.

Amelia can be adopted for £60, plus shipping and packaging

UK - £10 Special Delivery
Europe - £15, tracked and signed for
Worldwide - £22, tracked & insured

Thursday, 12 April 2018

I won!!!!

I WON!!!!!

Well, that's what my bloggy friend, Wendy would have said anyway:0)

For some years now, I have really, really wanted a miniature sewing machine - only for display; but each time I've seen one on eBay, there's been several people bidding, with prices going anywhere between £50 - £100. So what a great thing for me on Saturday when I came across, not one, but two miniature sewing machines both ending on Saturday and with nobody else bidding. The little red one I got for just £5.00; and it's a proper working one (or at least it will be when I put a needle in it) - a child's  I assume. And the slightly bigger one was £15.00, which is just ornamental - not old, just made to look old, but I love it. The little red one is about 6 inches wide and about 5 inches high; and the other one clearly just a bit bigger.

They will eventually adorn my Welsh dresser and I think I might one of the days make a miniature patchwork quilt to lie 'casually' across to little 'Vulcan' 


Sunday, 8 April 2018

And then there were four!!

So, it’s been almost exactly two months since my last blog post ….. hmmm!!

Generally, it takes me around three to four weeks to make a bear, so I decided I would go into a bit of mass production and make four all at the same time. It’s taken me two months, so I think I’ve achieved my object, although it’s felt like an absolute age since I ‘show cased’ anything!!

Anyway, here are my four new fluffy friends – three teddy bears and one hefalump!

Group photos first please! Meet Amelia, Oliver, Dolly and Mackenzie

They’re all made from one of my favourite teddy bear fabrics - Steiff Schulte 6mm viscose in a lovely range of muted colours. They have black glass eyes and are filled with the usual firm fibre fill and steel shot for weight. Then aged with oil pastels, with hand stitched noses and toesies! Plus faux mending stitches. They are all 5-way cotter jointed, with wobble-jointed necks. They each have a fabric ‘Handmade at Bilberry Lane’ label sewn into the back seam and my special ‘BL’ antique style metal pin.





I do hope you like my new creations! If you would like any further information, please email me at:- 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Bertie Bear!

Meet Bertie - my latest Artist Bear.

He is made from Steiff Schulte 6mm viscose in a kind of toffee colour. He has a muslin muffler around his neck, with a tiny piece of dried gypsophila tucked inside and he has a red faux leather satchel bag across his body. He has black glass eyes and is filled with the usual firm fibre fill and steel shot for weight. He has then been aged with oil pastels. Bertie is 5-way cotter jointed and measures 8 inches from top to toe. 

He has a fabric ‘Handmade at Bilberry Lane’ label sewn into his back seam and the ‘BL’ antique style metal pin.

I hope you like him!

Bertie can be adopted for £35, plus shipping and packaging

UK - £8 Special Delivery
Europe - £15, tracked and signed for
Worldwide - £20, tracked and signed for

If you would like any further information, please email me at:-

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Rupert is my latest Artist Bear and he’s all ready for the snow and cold weather we’re having at the moment with that lovely thick scarf around his neck! I knitted the scarf using a beautiful variegated double-knit wool called ‘Drops Big Delight’ - the scarf has a tiny passport charm pinned to it with a rusty style pin and has rusty style bells at the ends and the finishing touch is his rusty old lantern so that he can see where he’s going in the dark!

Rupert is made from Steiff Schulte cotton fabric with faux leather for his paw pads. He has black glass eyes and is filled with the usual firm fibre fill and steel shot for a good bit of weight. He has then been aged with oil pastels. Rupert is 5-way cotter jointed and measures 12¼ inches/31cms top to toe and 9½ inches/24cms sitting.

On his back you can see the fabric ‘Handmade at Bilberry Lane’ label and a unique antique style ‘BL’ pin.

I do hope you like him!

Rupert can be adopted for £60, plus shipping and packaging

UK - £8 Special Delivery
Europe - £15, tracked and signed for
Worldwide - £20, tracked and signed for

If you would like any further information, please email me at:-

Thanks for looking


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Meryl's bears

That's the best title I can come up with I'm afraid! These two are a pair of commissioned bears for; yes you've guessed, a lady by the name of Meryl.

The story is that a few of my bears were spotted by 'the bride' earlier in the year in a posh Tearoom near to me. They’ve been taking a few of the bears and selling them amongst a small line of gifts they sell – the Afternoon Teas are sublime by the way!! I've only been about ten times so far LOL

Anyway, as I say they were spotted; and I don't know how it came about, but Meryl became aware and somehow discovered my email address and then contacted me ......... the bears were to be a surprise! No pressure there then!!! Thankfully, I had about 3 months to compete them, which was just as well and I managed it just before I moved house recently ......... that gave me enough headaches in itself :0(
…….. talk about living a stressful life!!! Anyway, the wedding took place recently so now I can show them. I've also since had a message from Meryl to say they were very much loved by the bride ....... phew!!!!

In all the stress of moving and getting the bears in the post, I forgot to measure them, but they were from a regularly used pattern so are approximately 9 - 10 inches top to toe and made from one of my favourite viscose fabrics in a lovely pale gold colour. I then had to source some very fine netting for the veil, which I also used for the skirt part of the dress so that you can still see the beauty of the bear fabric. The little headdress was incredibly tricky to wire up, but looked fine in the end. 'His' waistcoat is made from a lovely blue piece of fabric from my woolly stash - blue was the theme apparently.

I’ve just remembered; I do actually know their initials V & P, as Meryl asked me to embroider them somewhere on the bears – this is NOT a terribly good shot of the initialed paw pads!!

So, there you go - two bears in one! I hope you like them.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Yes, I know it’s been a while (again!!), but I have a good reason. I’ve recently moved house, so enough said – anyone who has been through the process will understand. I’m still dealing with paperwork, but I’m getting there!

Anyway, just before the move, I almost managed to get this little lady finished; and now she is complete. Her name is Ella and she’s a gift for a special lady who I’ve worked closely with for about the last 8 – 9 years and she has just retired …… and since I first started making them, she’s always taken a keen interest in my bears, so it was a natural choice.

I haven’t actually given Ella yet (I hope to very soon), but I think I’m safe, as I don’t think said lady reads my blog.

Anyway, Ella is my second bear using the beautifully soft curly Steiff Schulte Mohair fabric, although a different colour, plus faux nubuck fabric for the paw pads. Again, I have made her a lovely pair of dungarees, except this time I’ve used a genuine vintage fabric (a lovely pale blue with a pretty pink floral pattern) which I picked up several years ago at a vintage fair and has been in my stash ever since. They may be dungarees, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trimmed with a bit of bling does it .......... aren't they sweet!

Around the back, you can see the bag I’ve made for her, which holds her latest canvas, because she is an ‘Artist’ bear in the true sense of the word! There is a theme you see, as said lady took up painting some years ago, so Ella is an artist; hence also the art palette charm around her neck.

Ella stands 13½ inches / 35cms top to toe and 9½ inches / 24cms sitting and has the fabric ‘Handmade at Bilberry Lane’ label and the metal ‘BL’ pin at the back. She is filled with the usual firm fibre fill and steel shot for weight. She has black glass eyes, with white felt behind them and is slightly aged a little with oil pastel.

I hope you like her!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Month 8 - Log Cabins

I'm back again! I'm considering these 4 Log Cabin blocks as the last ones really, as the only other blocks are the 4 corner pieces, which are just plain pieces of fabric (no sewing together tiny bits of fabric!). I do love Log Cabins - one day I shall do a quilt entirely made up of them ....... one day!! LOL

So which way around do you like log cabin blocks? Not that there's a choice: I have to lay them out according to the pattern.

So, apart from the 4 corner blocks, there will just be sewing all the blocks together(ONLY!!!) and then add the borders.

It's looking good!