Thursday, 21 September 2017

Month 8 - Log Cabins

I'm back again! I'm considering these 4 Log Cabin blocks as the last ones really, as the only other blocks are the 4 corner pieces, which are just plain pieces of fabric (no sewing together tiny bits of fabric!). I do love Log Cabins - one day I shall do a quilt entirely made up of them ....... one day!! LOL

So which way around do you like log cabin blocks? Not that there's a choice: I have to lay them out according to the pattern.

So, apart from the 4 corner blocks, there will just be sewing all the blocks together(ONLY!!!) and then add the borders.

It's looking good!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Crossing Ohio!

No, I’m not crossing Ohio, that’s the name of block 7 of my Summertime Delight BOM by Totally Patched! LOL

I wonder where they get the names from for these blocks?? Last month’s was called ‘Meadow Star’.

And just in case you were wondering; I have been bear making too, however, I’m working on two commission bears, which will be a surprise for the recipient and I have no idea whether she looks at my blog, so I won’t be able to show them until later on.

Going back to the blocks, there are just 4 more of the Log cabin blocks to put together – I have received them and have made a start, so perhaps they’ll be finished soon too! Here's a photo of the blocks so far. Try to imagine the other four Log Cabins and that will just leave four plain blocks for the corners and it'll be done!

And if your imagination isn't so good, here is Totally Patched's picture of the finished quilt!