Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Present to self:0)

OK, how many of you have bought yourself a little (or big) crafty Christmas pressie eh? I did. This is my first purchase from ‘Winterberry Cabin’ – I even saved it up to open on Christmas Day LOL. How sad is that!! Te he he
Chuffed to (woolly) bits with my purchase I am - I’ve bought two kits. The woollen sheep kit I’ve wanted for ages and the other kit, melon hot pads, just looked nice and as I was ordering from the USA, I thought I may as well make it worth the order ........... and so I then added some swatch sets too. The curious thing though is that I also received a lovely pattern book which I didn’t order (and I haven’t been charged for), but does contain the pattern for the melon hot pads. Anyway, I’ve emailed Phyllis at Winterberry Cabin to see what she says about it.

Can’t wait to get started on my woolly sheep ........... !!!

So what did you buy for yourself?

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas pressies:0)

Just a quick little post to show you the contents of a lovely surprise package from my lovely friend, Wendy. Now because Mr ‘stupid’ Postman had left the package on the doorstep (!!!) on a rainy (a very rainy) day, the package was rather soggy, so because of that I felt obliged to open the package – that’s my excuse anyway and here we have a lovely little snowman head tree ornament, a sweet little prim gingerbread man, a Mason jar ‘banana nut bread’ candle ........ and a couple of choccies which lasted for about 10 seconds after the photograph was taken – delicious!! I even love the gorgeous Prim tissue paper they were all wrapped up in!!

Thank you so much Wendy – I love them all.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas stitching

I think my motivation for sewing has started to return to some degree, although finding the time for it is a bigger problem now ......... apart from working full-time, I now also have to keep a much closer eye on my 85-year old dad who has the early stages of vascular dementia poor thing. He’s still just about okay with day to day routine things, but anything outside of that causes great confusion, so as his sole carer, increasingly my time is taken up keeping a watchful eye on him! 

That said, the Christmas/winter bug has caught me recently and I’ve managed to complete two relatively quick projects. First of all I made this quirky looking ‘Prim’ ish snowman carrying his skis


I have to confess to the idea for this having been ‘nicked’ from somewhere I simply don’t remember now. I saw something similar, probably on a website or blog at least a couple of years ago and saved the picture – goodness knows where though!! He’s rather cute anyway don’t you think? 

And then secondly, I’ve completed a small cross-stitch pincushion. This wasn’t ‘nicked’ thankfully, it’s a freebie from ‘The Drawn Thread’ and it’s called ‘Four fat Friends’ – also rather sweet and didn’t take too long to finish.


Oh yes, I nearly forgot – not on a sewing theme, but homemade all the same is my Pear & Fig Chutney – very nice with a bit of cheese, yum!!

I now have an itch to have a go at crocheting some squares with a view to making a blanket ........ I’ve bought some wool so watch this space.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas!