Thursday, 21 May 2020

Getting there ................

Well, my next Waldorf style doll is finished, BUT she's a little bit bare at the moment!! and so needs something nice to wear. She's thinking she would like some velvet dungarees (see beautiful cotton velvet draped to protect her modesty 😉) - mind you, sewing velvet ……….. ?? enough said! She I may yet have a change of mind 😄
We have the time though ………….. did I mention I'm now retired??!!
She needs a name too!

I've recently celebrated turning 60 (hence retirement) and thought you might enjoy seeing some of the balloons my darling!! eldest nephew organised for me ……… he does love a laugh (at my expense). I think they're brilliant! The 'Hip Hip Replacement' is referring to the knee replacement I had about 18 months ago. You can't get knee, knee replacement, because clearly that wouldn't be funny, so 'Hip' was the next best thing. I keep on trying to explain to this 33-year old nephew that he too will, one day, become old and decrepit 😄

So, I hope everyone is managing to keep well and safe and enjoying plenty of crafty time.


Sue C said...

Brilliant to see you making good use of your retirement. Hope you are enjoying more time to craft x

Julia said...

I'm loving it Sue - I haven't been bored so far during lockdown, so retirement will be even better once we can all go out more and more to socialise properly. I always knew crafting is good and beneficial.
So far, I have bought one of those 'Prym' turning tools with my Amazon voucher - it'll be very useful for all sorts of things (such as thin rag doll legs) and has been on my wish list for a while, so thanks again :0)
Did you get tired of blogging? I know it can be a bit of a task at times - I decided to blog more as a record of lockdown and because clearly I have a lot more time now.
I hope you're both keeping well xxx

Mrs A. said...

Do hope you managed to retire without having to go back into work as I know how much it was stressing you out. Welcome to retirement. Your second doll looks just like you!! Not done any more to my doll . Have been looking at face masks and finally after looking for weeks at all the options and videos have found a design that I am happy with. Have sorted material out and need to wash before cutting my pattern . The days are just melting into one another. Soon be June. Hugs Mrs A.