Sunday, 22 February 2009

Quilt No.2 finished!!

......... well, very nearly anyway, I just have a little bit of hand sewing to complete the last part of the binding, but I wanted to take a photograph of it in the daylight to get as true a refection of the colours as possible. I'm very pleased with the result - I love the colours, but the best part was how quilckly I've made it from start to finish, which has been a matter of weeks as opposed to the 18 months my first quilt took me to make. Of course, this is a much easier pattern, but it still looks good. It's not full double bed size, well, not so that it would hang down the sides anyway. It's certainly big enough to cover the top of the bed, but I've decided I'm going to just keep it in the lounge to snuggle up under on chilly nights in front of the TV - sounds good to me!!

I don't know about you other ladies, but I find it difficult to allow myself to start on something else until the current project is done, probably in fear that I'll never go back to it, so now that my quilt is finished, I can start to think of my next project, which will be for Julie's 'Easter Swap'. I have the details of my swap partner, so now I have to get my thinking cap on ........ I wonder what I shall make!!

Well, Spring is around the corner .... hopefully anyway! It is still a bit chilly, but let's hope we're done with the snow for this winter. We've had a bit of sunshine and the buds are starting to come through - enough to make you feel brighter eh!


Deb said...

No.2 Julia, well done you, you're on a roll. Keep it up, you are inspiring us.

Simone said...

The quilt is lovely Julia. Quilting is something I would love to be able to do. I feel very guilty that you finish one project before starting the next. I have heaps and heaps of unfinished projects - mainly cross-stitch as they take such a long time. There are so many projects I want to start but alas many remain unfinished!!!