Tuesday, 10 March 2009


As I'm not allowed yet to blog about my Easter swap thinggie, I thought to myself, "I know what, I'll impress everyone with a couple of my old watercolours" - tongue in cheek here of course. Neither of them are terribly clear unfortunately (maybe that should read fortunately!), but I didn't take the photographs, so it's the best I can get. The house used to belong to someone I worked for - it was a commission, but I think he was just being kind! And the other is of the High Street in Sherbourne in Dorset, where said person used to live.
I got into watercolours around 1995 and really fell in love with it, but as with so many things, it was so hard to find enough time (same goes for sewing eh) and it is a craft that you need to practice often to avoid becoming rusty as I now have, which in turn has led to me losing my confidence in my abilities. I haven't lost heart though; I shall probably go back to it perhaps when I'm retired, although, writing that down makes that seem too far away - work really does get in the way of my arts & crafts you know ..... oh well. These were some of my earliest paintings and I have painted better ones than these, I just haven't got photographs of any of them - I never thought to take any back then. I'm only an amateur painter, but would love to do much better.
Can't wait to show my Easter swap thinggie - the date is getting close now - I hope the recipient will like it!!


The sewing room said...

WOW another great talent you are so clever your pictures are very good i am not artistic in any way i wish i was i would also like to be musical but alas i am not. I hope to go to the quilting show too if i can afford it i have only been once but loved it, bye for now Pat

Deb said...

They are really cool Julia, you are a clever chook, all of these hidden talents!! What else are you hiding? lol

Simone said...

Julia I am impressed! I also wonder what other talents you are hiding from us! I find watercolour painting very challenging and frustrating a lot of the time as it is a difficult medium to control. Maybe I should just go back to my felt tipped pens!