Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Log Cabin

I’ve had a little shot at the Log Cabin pattern – I’ve not tried it before and it can look really effective when you use the right contrasts. I wouldn't mind doing a whole quilt in this pattern one of the days ................. but then again, it might make me go 'boggle eyed'!! This is only a small sample using some ‘Portabella Market’ fabric that I had (that's the greens, not the red), but it might make a nice mat for my sewing machine to sit on perhaps! I needed to have a break from making rag dolls!!! I have orders for two more dolls, but I’ve decided that I will definitely not be taking orders for anymore after these – I need to get back to making ‘me’ kind of things!!! Know what I mean?


Debbie said...

Lovely quilt ... I have been sorting thru my fabric stash because I have decided I would like to make a definite attempt at producing some heirlooms of the future (I wish LOL). I've gathered quite a few books for some inspiration and of course there is blogland too.

The sewing room said...

Great7 quilt and lovely colours l like to make me things too and well done on two more orders.

Deb said...

Julia, are you starting to feel like you are seeing Annie dolls in your sleep??? Gets like that after awhile doesn't it. I think I would have needed a break also, your wee mat looks great.