Saturday, 19 September 2009

Harvest Home

I’m doing this late at night and am rather tired, so please excuse any smelling mispakes!!

I can’t believe that having just had two weeks off work that I’ve achieved so little sewing. I thought I’d do loads! However, I’ve only managed a couple of little things, this being one of them.

And this is a re-work of an earlier project. I was experimenting with the pinwheel pattern using the ‘Harvest Home’ range of fabrics, which I absolutely lurrrrrve, but wasn’t happy with the result, so I took it apart and tried again ..... it’s marginally better I think. It’s only a small piece and fits nicely over the back of the settee and also blends very nicely with the colour of the settee, which was lucky. Not terribly inspiring though!

....... back to work on Monday (big GROAN):0(


Jo Jo said...

Well Julia if it makes you feel any better...I go back to work tomorrow too! Boo :(

agnes said...

liebe Grüße

Janovi said...

The colors are sooo sweet!! Very well done!!

Solstitches said...

What's not to love about it Julia? I think your project is very pretty and I love that fabric line - have quite a few in that range myself.


Catherine said...

It's very pretty! I LOVE the fabric..the colours are beautiful!