Monday, 4 January 2010

Mary Little

......... now has a new home - mine!!!

My ‘Mary Little’ prize arrived today and I am so pleased with it. As I said to Patti in an email to her, she must have the most amazing eyesight to have stitched something so small – it is tiny, which makes it all the more beautiful. I have tried to take a photograph that shows how small it is. But you really need to do a close-up of the photograph to really appreciate how minute the stitches are!!

..... and this is the back

I am so lucky to have won this fantastic prize – thank you Patti – you’re a gem!!!


Vivi said...

Lovely pinushion !
Thanks for the comment left on my blog

Angela said...

Julia, hi there,
Congratulations on winning the lovely little pillow from Patti's giveaway. She made it up when she was visiting me a while ago so I actually got to see it close up and agree it's adorable and really tiny. It looks so pretty against your Singer sewing machine.
Warm wishes Angela

Angela said...
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