Sunday, 4 September 2011

Angel Doll

Having been out of action the last few weeks following admission into hospital for some BIG surgery, which leaves me feeling incredibly tender right now, I have little sewing to show, so (and as I’m not sleeping terribly well because of the surgery), I thought I could show you what I sent to Deb in New Zealand recently for her birthday ...... albeit a very belated birthday pressie (Deb’s birthday was in July!!!).

Anyway, Deb had sent me one of those lovely Tone Finnangar ‘Tilda’ books for my birthday in May and I got the impression (hope I was right!), that Deb rather liked the angel dolls in the book, so being unable to think of anything else to make for her, I set about making this little lady

I love the way you make the flip flop sandals – so easy and yet so effective.

The thing that really surprised me however, was how big the doll came out. Whenever I’ve looked at these dolls, I had assumed they were about the size of a ‘Barbie’ doll, but, No, they’re quite a bit bigger that that!!

Anyway, I’d better not sit at this compute for too long in case I seize up!!

Take care all

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