Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Present to self:0)

OK, how many of you have bought yourself a little (or big) crafty Christmas pressie eh? I did. This is my first purchase from ‘Winterberry Cabin’ – I even saved it up to open on Christmas Day LOL. How sad is that!! Te he he
Chuffed to (woolly) bits with my purchase I am - I’ve bought two kits. The woollen sheep kit I’ve wanted for ages and the other kit, melon hot pads, just looked nice and as I was ordering from the USA, I thought I may as well make it worth the order ........... and so I then added some swatch sets too. The curious thing though is that I also received a lovely pattern book which I didn’t order (and I haven’t been charged for), but does contain the pattern for the melon hot pads. Anyway, I’ve emailed Phyllis at Winterberry Cabin to see what she says about it.

Can’t wait to get started on my woolly sheep ........... !!!

So what did you buy for yourself?
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