Monday, 3 February 2014


Well, I finally have a couple of things to show and I’d better show the more interesting one first!!

BUT, before I get going, I have had the most annoying problems trying to upload the photographs to this post (the first time ever I've encountered problems!) - I tried yesterday and again today and in the end I've only managed to do it by 'copy & pasting', which I know isn't the proper way of doing it, but I have at least managed to get the photographs on to the post! The quality of them though has suffered - has anyone else been experiencing similar problems???

SO, introducing ‘Gustav’, my little woolly bear:


Apologies for the colour – the photographs were taken in the evening under electric light, so the colours are bit brighter than true – he’s a bit darker in reality. Gustav is from a pattern designed by Megan Wallace - you can find her on Etsy here. He should be made in real mohair teddy bear fur really, but I don’t have any of that, as I’ve never gotten into proper teddy bear making .......... although I have been thinking about it!! instead I’ve used some lovely mulberry colour 100% wool. I’ve used bits of gorgeous variegated velvet for the innards of his ears and for his hand and foot pads ...... I’ve also tried to grubby him up a bit to make him look a bit older – sorry if it’s not showing, but he looks quite cute in real life – Honest!! He’s even got his own metal name tag around his neck tied on to a piece of lovely yellow chiffon ribbon.


Anyway, I hope Gustav was of some interest to you, as sewing project number two is I’m afraid rather boring – on the face of it anyway! To me however, it is REALLY exciting, because it’s the beginnings of me having a dedicated sewing/craft room – YES!!!! Up to now, I’ve always used my dining room, which has been OK, except that whenever I’m entertaining, I have to do a mass clear-up ........ who out there doesn’t know what I’m talking about eh!! And as I seem to be entertaining more often these days, it’s becoming a bit of a nuisance. I live a smallish two-bedroom house and have always been reluctant to give up the spare bedroom over to a craft room, BUT, on the grounds that I sew far more than I have overnight guests, AND because I recently came up with an ideal solution, I’ve decided to go ahead with the conversion.

And the solution??? Well, it’s simply a fold-up guest bed, which folds up into a pouffe the rest of the time - it will live in the corner of my craft room and when I fancy a little sewing break, I can relax on the pouffe and watch TV, which will also be in the room. So ........ after a boringly long story, this is my second make

I bought 3 pieces of very firm foam and plain brown fabric from the market and covered them. I am pleased with it, as I managed to make nice tight covers and the firm foam makes for a very comfortable bed and seat. Eventually, I shall make an appliquéd, quilted cover to go over it to make it look more interesting.

This is the bedroom as it is now.

I need to get rid of the bed (and I think I’ve found a new home for it, which is better than sending it to the tip)! And THEN, bring in a work table and shelving etc. – can’t tell you how excited I’ve been recently anticipating this transformation – I’m very easily pleased you know!!!! so you must forgive me LOL

I hope very soon to be able to show another photo of my new craft room!
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