Friday, 27 February 2015

The Sampler Book

I found such a lovely book today in a charity shop at the bargain price of just £1.00. It's full of photographs of beautiful old cross-stitch samplers; and not only that, but it also contains the charts for the patterns too should you wish to have a go at reproducing one yourself, although you have to choose your own threads. I’ll let the following photographs speak for themselves …………….

Beautiful eh!!

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Nicky said...

What a wonderful find. Second-hand (pre-loved) books are such a bargain and when it comes to the creative crafty type they are timeless too. One of my favourite pastimes is going through charity shops looking for mens cotton shirts for recycling into quilts and at the moment Im about to finish a wool blanket for my husband for his recliner chair (he wont use it now until at least May 2016 because it'll be too warm inside) which I made from recycled wool blankets bought at charity shops - I cut them up and dyed them to give the blocks some variety. Great fun. Now I'm collecting mens silk ties for a quilt but I need quite a few so its earmarked a long term project. Recycled denim is another great find.