Sunday, 8 November 2015


So, enough of baby cot quilts, and back to my bears!

As much as I love the natural look of a bare bear, I’ve been itching to dress one; even just a little bit, so may I introduce Edgar in his trousers? So named by my sister-in-law, Ruth because I couldn’t decide on a name. I’ve been really rubbish at choosing names for my bears so far. Ruth has just been to visit and she decided he looks like an ‘Edgar’, so that’s his name. Made from Viscose (I think it is anyway – some of the fabric Shazy gave me), and suede for the paw pads, fully jointed, with glass eyes, firm fibre filling and some steel shot in his little fat tummly and paws. He’s been aged around the edges to give a vintage look, including faux ‘mending’ stitches; and dressed in woolly red trousers, with some homespun fabric for a little hankie in his pocket and his scarf trimmed with a couple of rusty bells to add to the vintage look.

Edgar is from a bear pattern called ‘Bears N Hares’ by Sweet MeadowFarm.

I hope you like him!

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