Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas bear

This is Casper (as in one of the Three Kings), my Christmas bear. Well, what else could he be made from such lovely red mohair fabric? He’s made from the same pattern as my last bear below (Sammy): a pattern I can’t even give credit for, as it was a free pattern found on Pinterest – thanks anyway to whoever is the designer!!

Casper looks as though he’s going carol singing doesn’t? He’s carrying his rusty primitive style lantern trimmed with greenery and pip berries; and has his Christmas carol singing sheet at the ready – I’ve tried to photograph the inside of the carol sheet to show the detail, but it's rather blurred - sorry!! I made it from vintage carol sheet images I found: I shrunk them down, printed them, glued them together and added an antique style eyelet

He has glass eyes; slightly smaller than Sammy’s, firm fibre filling and steel shot in his tummy and feet, faux repair stitching and distressing here and there to give an aged appearance.
For his nose, I’ve tried the felting technique just to see how that works – it’s ok I guess! And finally, Casper is trimmed with white chiffon ribbon, a holly sprig and two random buttons for a bit more colour.

I do hope you like Casper
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