Tuesday, 15 March 2016


…….. is a little brown teddy bear dressed up in his favourite animal costume; a fox! He's as cute as can be, which meant I couldn’t resist him when I spotted the pattern on Etsy. 

He’s from a pattern designed by a Russian lady by the name of Sacha Pokrass. Don’t you just love his foxy suit ……. get that white-tipped tail and the ears!!

Here Darwin is showing the back so you can see his long foxy tail properly – you can also just about see his ‘Handmade at Bilberry Lane’ label. I know I’m called Bilberry Grove, but eventually, when I do start a proper business of Artist Bear making, I’ve decided I shall change to Bilberry Lane – I did wonder about Bilberry Lane Bears, but I’m not sure yet.

Darwin is just a tad over 8 inches from top to toe. He himself is made from brown mohair and his fox suit is made from viscose. He is 5-way jointed, has black glass eyes and is filled with a heavy fibre fill and steel shot for weight.

Darwin is a sitting bear/fox!! He doesn’t actually stand, only when propped up as he is in this photo. The name Darwin comes from the Darwin Fox: an endangered breed found in South America.

Do you like Darwin?


Mrs A. said...

He is adorable Julia. Hugs Mrs A.

Christine said...

I just LOVE Darwin in his fox outfit! Really well done Julia!

Deb said...

Adorable as always Julia. You are obviously thoroughly enjoying making the teddies.

Simone said...

He is gorgeous in his little fox costume! I think Bilberry Lane Bears is a great name for your business or even B.L.B! x