Monday, 20 March 2017

Sally Shopper

This is a bit of a show off post really!! I knocked this bag up this evening in about 2½ hours; and that includes cutting out the pattern. It's called a 'Sally Shopper' and I bought it as a kit from Create & Craft a week ago (the Freeview TV Shopping Channel Craft show) from a company called 'The Owl and the Sewing Cat'. I liked it so much, I ordered the kit and it had arrived when I got home from work this evening - I even surprised myself when I decided to set about making it this evening.

It was quite easy to be fair, but all the same, I have been at work all day, so not bad eh! The little gold tag thing on the handle is my own addition and I shall make a little pretty something or other with beads and charms to hang on it when I have a bit more time - time really didn't allow for that as well tonight!!


Simone said...

You're a quick worker Julia and very proficient too! Lovely bag but it must have been a doddle to make compared to your bears!!! x

Mrs A. said...

Goodness me, 2.5hrs to make from start to finish! It would take me that time to get my coat off slippers on and a cuppa made and drunk. The resulting bag is gorgeous and I see that it is lined too. Well done. hugs Mrs A.