Sunday, 7 May 2017

Fluffy bunny!

Well, here's a change to my usual style! I've just come home from completing another teddy bear workshop run by Lynn Bowie of Madaboutbears. This is her style and, although very different to mine, I couldn't resist how cute her bears are - added to which, the workshop was in Birmingham, so even better - I didn't even need to travel very far.

So far my bunny doesn't have a name ........ so any suggestions will be welcomed! Naming my bears is always a chore; and I'm so tired right now, my brain isn't in gear!

This was a sort of 'birthday present to self' as it was my birthday yesterday; and because of that, I was also presented with a bottle of Prosecco - thank you very much!!

I haven't measured her yet, but I'd say she's about 8 inches top to toe and made from a faux fur. Isn't she a little cutie!!

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Simone said...

Belated Birthday wishes! The new little one is charming. I think she looks like a 'Bright Eyes' or a Snowbelle!!! x