Monday, 17 July 2017

Summertime Delight - month 6

I was getting on so well with my Summertime Delight BOM ………. and then they (they being ‘Totally Patched’) sneakily snook in some EPP (English Paper Piecing) – 88 1½inch hexxies! 

Thank you very much!! First I had to cut out 88 cardboard templates; then tack 88 pieces of fabric on to the 88 pieces of cardboard (at least the fabric was pre-cut!) and then 22 darling little hexxies stitched together into heart shapes x 4 …….. AND then the 4 hearts appliquéd on to background fabrics. Okay, normally I love hand-stitching and appliqué, but part of the joy of this BOM quilt was that I could crack on with it quickly each month as it popped through the letterbox with my sewing machine ..... not with my hands!! Still, here it is; all done and back on track. 

There’s not too much more to go now. Four more log cabins, four plain corners and two fancier blocks, plus the borders. It’s looking good!!!!

And just in case you’re thinking I’ve gone of bear making, here’s a sneaky peak at my current creation – approximately half done. Still loving my bears - absolutely!!

I hope to have it completed by the end of the week because (joy of joys) I have a week off work!

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