Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How lucky am I?

This fabulous Kim Diehl complete quilt kit arrived today, costing me not a penny! A lady (a lovely generous lady) who I follow on Instagram last week decided she really needed a clear out of her fabric stash (it was very big!). She had offered the kit to somebody else who was after reproduction fabrics; and I asked that if the other person didn't want the kit, would she tell me how much she wanted for it, as I was interested. Well, how surprised was I when she got back to me saying she would send it to me (at no charge). I can't tell you how grateful I am; but of course now I need to do justice to such a fabulous addition to my fabric stash!! That'll be in between working full-time, making teddy bears etc. etc...............

I won't give the lady's name on here, as I don't know whether that's okay, but isn't she super kind?

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