Thursday, 21 September 2017

Month 8 - Log Cabins

I'm back again! I'm considering these 4 Log Cabin blocks as the last ones really, as the only other blocks are the 4 corner pieces, which are just plain pieces of fabric (no sewing together tiny bits of fabric!). I do love Log Cabins - one day I shall do a quilt entirely made up of them ....... one day!! LOL

So which way around do you like log cabin blocks? Not that there's a choice: I have to lay them out according to the pattern.

So, apart from the 4 corner blocks, there will just be sewing all the blocks together(ONLY!!!) and then add the borders.

It's looking good!


Simone said...

Well done with your quilt Julia! I think I like the design with the patterned pieces in the middle if given a choice! :)x

Deb said...

Looking good--it's looking amazing Julia.

Mrs A. said...

I rather like the solid pattern in the middle as in your second picture but either way your quilt will be beautiful. I have blocks here that are still waiting 33yrs down the line to be made up into a quilt. The room it was planned for has been redecorated 3 times already! One day when I have nowt to do!!!!!!!.
hugs Mrs A.