Thursday, 25 June 2009

And then there were five ...........

.......... rag dolls that is!!

It all started very innocently when I entered Julie’s Secret Easter Swap in February. I had to make a gift for Katarina in Sweden and as she mostly makes very lovely hand-made cards, I was stumped initially as to what I would make for her. Eventually, (much brain-ache later!!) I had the idea of designing and making a rag doll based on one of Katarina’s favourite Rubber Stamp images of a little girl called ‘Tilda’. Tilda has quite a distinctive kind of face as can be seen from the Rubber Stamp pictures below, and although I wouldn’t normally make a doll that looked like this, I was pleased with the likeness to the Rubber Stamp image.

Katarina was, thankfully, over the moon with her doll, but little did I know that I would end up with requests from other ladies asking me whether I would consider making them a rag doll – Tilda, it turns out, is a very popular little lady in the Rubber Stamping world. Consequently, most of my spare time in the last 2½ months or so has been dedicated to these dolls. So now in addition to Katarina in Sweden, they have gone to:-

Vivi in Brazil
Kerry in Massachusetts, USA
Judy in Michigan, USA; and
Cami in Hawaii

talk about going global or what!! I have been very flattered by all the lovely, kind comments paid by the ladies in the Rubber Stamping community – you won’t believe just how much my head has been swelling!!! However, I am glad to get back to ‘me’ things again ..... and I’m sorry to the other three ladies who have since asked me for a doll, but have been refused – they just take up so much of my time I’m afraid. I’ve added the name of the recipient of each doll on the collage photograph above.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with something called ‘Drawn Thread’ embroidery the last week or so – anybody had a go at this? Maybe I’ll have something to show soon – watch this space!!!

Postscript added 29th June - I've had a comment left by BethenyJ enquiring after a rag doll. Betheny, I can't find a link back to you. I'm afraid I'm not making anymore dolls - if you read above, all will become clear!! Thanks for asking though - I'm flattered.
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