Saturday, 13 June 2009

Paper roses, paper roses

.....cue for a song, or am I showing my age!!!

Long time no blog post!! The rag dolls I’ve been making have taken up so much of my time, but the last one is finished now – phew!! I did have another enquiry, but I said no because of the time they take. So now I shall be able to get back to my next project for me! I do have something to show you however! This really lovely quilled message holder was sent to me by Vivi from Brazil who I made the second Tilda rag doll for. Isn’t she talented? She also sent a quilled magnetic fridge note holder and even the little gift card that came with it has a quilled flower on it. Vivi recently made 500 of these rose message holders for a nurses convention! Vivi does loads of quilling and even has her own website here – why not check it out!

Thanks Vivi – I’m thrilled with it!

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