Sunday, 23 August 2009

It's finished!

.................... my Heart & Home Quilt top that is!

I still have to buy the wadding and the backing fabric and of course quilt it (the really hard part!), but as all of that will take a while yet, I thought I would show it to you at this stage. I realised when I looked at the dimensions in the book that it's not actually as big as I assumed it was, so I've added an extra border in the red fabric ........ it's still not as big as I would have liked, but I didn't want to keep adding bigger and bigger borders and end up diminishing the middle (and main) section.

I discovered a shop recently who provide a basting service - something I hadn't come across before, so when I can afford it (as well as the wadding and backing fabric), I shall have them do to that part for me. That will ensure a nice neat basting without any folds on the back!! And then I will quilt it myself - not sure yet though whether that will be by hand or machine.

I have to say, I am very pleased with the results - what do you think?


Lalabi-baby said...

Well done Julia .... a fantastic job ....know what you mean about putting it all together and avoiding folds on the back .... it gets really tricky especially with a big quilt.

Karen said...

Well done! I find it interesting that what we call batting in the USA is called wadding in your part of the world.

The sewing room said...

Looks great luv the colours, l agree with you about the borders as the middle is so eye catching look forward to seeing it finnished have a great week hugs Pat

Deb said...

Wahoo looks fabulous Julia, clever you. Lucky you finding a basting service, oh the joy to have someone else do that bit.

Handmade by Vivi said...

wow, this is gorgeous Julia!
you did an awesome job! Looks like exactly the same one on the magazine!
well done!

Diane said...

That looks wonderful Julia. A proper work of art. xx

Kymberly said...

Julia! Your quilt is stunning. Love the colors. You too have a wonderful talent.

Cami said...

Just beautiful, Julia! What a masterpiece you have created here. You simply amaze me with your handcrafting skills. You have made so many beautiful projects since your last commission to make all those beautiful Tilda dolls. I can see now why you wanted to get back to the passion you have for quilting. Awesome! Hugs, Cami

klear said...

Very beautiful!