Thursday, 22 October 2009

Autumn ... again!!

I love Autumn .... OK, so that’s not a secret!! But I’ve been itching to make a wall hanging/banner in celebration of this beautiful season. So, I found some clipart of a tree, designed the wall hanging around that and then took a trip to my LFS, where I bought just fat quarters of some lovely ‘Autumn’ colours ..... and this is what I’ve come up with. I’m reasonably pleased with it; although I’m sure I could come up with something much better one day when I’ve learned more sewing/stitching techniques to make use of all these lovely colours. To the left of the wall hanging, by the spider plant, is a beautiful stained glass leaf hanging ornament (Autumn colours, of course!), which I recently purchased through ‘Folksy’ from Amy McCarthy. She has a website where you can see her work, (I particularly like her ‘nautical’ pieces). This was bought to add to the ‘Autumn’ display I’m planning.

In this picture (if you look closely), I’ve highlighted the tree that can be seen in my neighbour’s garden, which shows just one of the glorious shades which I drool over at this time of year. I’ve watched this tree, day by day; go through every shade of Autumn ....... the jewels of nature you could say!!

Be back soon!!


Pat said...

It's lovely Julia!

Deb said...

Your wallhanging is lovely Julia, you should be really thrilled with it.

Terri said...

Your wall hanging is beautiful...great work!

Julia said...

Thank you Terri - sorry, but I can't find an email or blog address for you:0)

Kerry D-C said...

woooooow! This is stunning!