Sunday, 11 October 2009

Autumn & a Cross-stitch

It’s been a while I know ..... another case of work just getting in the damn way of crafting! Anyway, I’ve finally finished another little cross-stitch. An Autumn themed sampler from a chart by ‘Bent Creek’. I ordered a frame for it yesterday, which should be ready by next weekend and then it’ll be complete.

Everywhere is changing colour into lovely shades of green, gold and red – so beautiful. Is there any better time of year – I don’t think you can beat it? I would certainly advise against driving too close to me at this time of the year, as I become so absorbed with the beauty of the changing landscape, I am quite likely to go slap bang into the car in front – so be warned!!

Anyway, I can’t stay on too long, as I’ve just been on the telephone to my cousin Bev in Australia (near the Gold Coast) for 1½ hours, so I’m a tad behind with everything, but, hey, what the heck, the house isn’t that dusty (I kid myself)!! However, I must do the ironing, otherwise I’ll not have anything to wear for work tomorrow – oops, sorry for using the four-letter work on a Sunday!!

Be seeing ya!


Quilthaze said...

This is a lovely little sampler. I'm almost tempted to fish out some cross stitch but I'd better not - got too many other projects to finish!

magsmcc said...

You are so beautifully right on all autumnal counts! the cross-stitch is fabulous. We are great pumpkin fans here- although the little one on the doorstep looks quite forlorn- your sampler one is far superior!

Colleen said...

Very cute stitchery! Love it :o)

Catherine said...

i love Bent Creek cross stitch. Their patterns are so pretty and your pumpkin has turned out beautifully!

magsmcc said...

Thanks for your comment and encouragement, Julia!

Simone said...

Lovely Cross-Stitch Julia. You certainly are a fast stitcher! I love the colours of this time of year too. They are so inspiring.

Solstitches said...

A lovely little seasonal finish Julia. Beautifully stitched!


Jackie said...

I love your sampler! I'm returning to cross stitch after a 20 year absence. I don't think I'd ever finished anything before and was only stitching then on Aida. Almost finished with my first project on linen and have almost compiled everything to start 2 big projects. It's exciting to get back into it!

We don't get much of a fall season here in Florida and certainly do not get the reds and oranges. Enjoy it! I'm envious!

Patti said...

I LOVE Bent Creek and this is no exception. Your stitching is superb!
Patti xxx