Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ginny & Ginger

Here’s my latest offering, which I can show as it has now been received by Wendy. 'Pumpkin Wendy' as we’ll affectionately call her!!!!! (See previous post). And of course, it's rag dolls!!

The idea for these cute Gingerbreads came ages ago after seeing something similar elsewhere on the internet, and I knew that one day I would have to make them!
This is Ginny!

And this Ginger!

Wendy adores Gingerbread men, and she has been feeling a bit low lately, so I thought a pair of Gingers would cheer her up and they appear to have done the trick!!

The candy canes were another ‘must do’ and they seem to go quite well with gingerbread men ...... although the ‘mica’ glitter sprinkled on them seems to be everywhere I look now; the floor, my worktable, me – I’ll probably still be seeing it at Easter!!!

Long tiring day at work anyhow, so be seeing ya later!!

Bye for now!

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