Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pumpkins Galore!!!

How often do we read on each others blogs about the generosity of fellow stitchers/quilters eh?? Well Wendy is no exception!!

When I set out my Autumn/Halloween display the other week (see earlier post), my lovely friend Wendy said that I should have some fabric pumpkins to go on my display. I had been planning on trying to make some myself, but time had not allowed of course! However, as Wendy is a bit of a whizz at making them, she offered to send me some of her pumpkins. Now, I thought that meant one, or maybe two. HELLO, look what the postie bought this morning just as I was dragging myself out of bed ...........

seven, YES 7 gorgeous pumpkins all made by Wendy’s fair hand!!

Aren’t they just something? I love everything about them; the cinnamon sticks, the moss with the leaves and the variety of colours in the fabrics. There is one baby pumpkin, five little ones and one BIG one – they are fabulous. And in honour of their arrival, I am going to leave my Autumn/Halloween display out now until Christmas before putting them away. I’ve told Wendy that I think she should go into business as a pumpkin maker – don’t you agree!!?

THANK YOU WENDY – you are a lovely friend.

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