Saturday, 21 August 2010

Festival of Quilts ... and a lovely day out!

Get your comfy slippers on girls, cuz this is a bit of a loooonnnggg one!!!!!!!!

I went to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday and came home thoroughly exhausted!! But what a great day. I met my hero (well, heroine I should say), Veronique from ‘Born to Quilt’ in France. Veronique is such a lovely warm, friendly person – I almost felt like a teeny bopper again meeting my favourite pop star .... how old!!! LOL. Anyway the first picture is of moi (impressed by my french eh!!) and Veronique – she looks great – but please forgive how awful I look. I said to Wendy last night in an email, that I re-joined Slimming World a couple of weeks ago, but crickey, there’s nothing like seeing a photograph of yourself to see how others see you:0( ........ Still, if I will insist on standing next to a very slim, attractive, french blonde lady, then I only have myself to blame don't I? Ha!!I must be getting older though, because years ago, there’s no way I would have displayed myself in this public way – love me or leave me though!!!!

By the way, Veronique's mystery quilt, which was hanging at the back of her stall, is much, much lovelier close up than seeing it in a book - fantastique ....... see french again!!!!!

I made several purchases from the ‘Born to Quilt’ stall, as it was simply the best one there! And these are they .......

... Veronique’s ‘Mystery Quilt’ book, which she signed, some beautiful wool fabric, and a really cute little snowman kit. I wish now that I had bought some of her lovely fat quarters, but I'd run out of money by then - I love her palette of blues, browns and red/pinks - lots of florals and checks - but maybe next time!!

.... and here’s the inside of the book signed!!!

Now whilst I’m name dropping – which I am!! I also met Lynette Anderson. I bought one of her patterns having bravely confessed to her that I have never actually got around to stitching any of her patterns, but she was still nice to me nonetheless and agreed to have a piccie taken with me – please ignore me again – sorry!!!

I bought lots of other lovely goodies too – naughty I hear you say, but nice .... and much better than a cream cake!!! LOL.

..... the latest issue of ‘Inspirations’ magazine, some Valdani threads, one of Lynette's patterns, a ball of wool (I’m thinking maybe rag doll hair here!), a gorgeous pineapple quilt pattern, a few fat quarters and one or three other things!!

Now if you look at Wendy’s blog (Wendy went on Thursday), she spoke to a lady on the journey home who had also been to the festival and hadn’t bought a thing ....... WELL, I had the same experience while waiting for the free shuttle bus to carry my weary legs back to the train station!! I chatted to a couple of ladies sitting on a bench, and they hadn’t bought anything!!! I had to compose myself before they saw the total look of, jaw dropping, surprise on my face (“what you’ve been there all day and not bought a sausage – is there something wrong with you????!!!!!”) I didn’t actually say this, but it’s what I was thinking – I think they must have been aliens from another planet!!!

Now, on to the exhibition itself, not too many though, as it’s never the same as actually being there is it? I have to show you this ‘Dear Jane’ replica though:-

.. it was perfect in every way - all stitched and quilted by hand over a 3-year period. I only know this because I happened to bump into the lady herself at Lynette Anderson’s stall – very precious indeed.

.... and I just loved the colours in this ‘Pineapple Plus’ Quilt – so much so, I bought the pattern – see above!!

... and this was the winner of the exhibition – flipping amazing it was!! If you look closely at the detailed pictures, you can see the fabulous 3-D effect of the flowers .... beautiful and a worthy winner.

Well ladies, if you’ve managed to get this far, thank you!

Tell me I'm daft, but I went to bed last night dreaming of exactly what it would be like to live in a little French village just down the road from ‘Born to Quilt’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .............. a poor existance probably, as I'd never have any money te he!!

Gosh, I think must be my longest post EVER!! LOL

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