Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Autumn Annie Winner!!

Apologies for keeping you waiting – that's just in case you were waiting with baited breath!! But I’ve been at work all day, so it’s had to wait until this evening.

I don’t know how that ‘Random Number Generator’ thingy works, so I used the old-fashioned ‘name out of a hat’ method – well, name out of a bath anyway – close!!!

Anyway ladies, Autumn Annie’s new home is going to be with ........................................

Roberta in Georgia, USA – congratulations Roberta.

Roberta, I need an email address for you so that I can contact you personally for address details etc - my email address can be found on my Profile.

Thanks to everyone who entered my Giveaway – it’s been fun!


♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Well done Roberta x and thanks for preparing to part with her Julia x Leigh x

Penni said...

Lucky you Roberta!!!


Country Prims said...

Congrats to Roberta! What a great win:)

Thanks Julia for the fun; have a great week and hope work isn't toooo busy:)

Shazy x

Simone said...

Lucky Roberta! I am so jealous (but in a good way)! It is a wonderful and generous gift Julia. X

belen said...

Lucky Roberta!!!

Missy said...

Yeahhhh Roberta!!!

Margaret said...

Congratulations Roberta - you lucky girl.

Thanks for this wonderful draw Julia.

Roberta said...

OH My Gosh!! I cannot believe that I won - this has been a bit of a trying day and to come home to reading this - I am just beyond words!!! I do not know what to say but THANK YOU!!!

Julia, I could not bring up your e-mail addy, my computer does not like 'outlook' and would not open your e-mail. sorry

my addy is

The sewing room said...

Well done Roberts, what a cute win.

Hugs Pat

Diane H said...

Congrats to Roberta. Hi, Julia! Just found your lovely blog and hope it's okay that I've signed up to follow along.

wendy said...

What a lucky girl Roberta is! I am so envious! Thanks for giving us the oppertunity to enter such a lovely draw though Julia. Wendy xx

angelasweby said...

Julia hi,
Congratulations to Roberta. Autumn Annie could not have gone to a better home (well, maybe one...haha!) Roberta's a good friend and I'm so pleased for her.
Lots of good wishes and thanks for the excitement :>)

Lisa said...

congratulations Roberta, you are one lucky lady :)

Solstitches said...

Gosh what a lovely doll you made Julia. She is just adorable.
What a fabulous giveway prize for Roberta.

Margaret x

Katarina said...

Hi Julia. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.