Thursday, 24 February 2011

Back to Blogging!

If you're reading this, thank you for sticking with me ....... and not deleting me from your blog roll!! LOL

It's been more or less 4 months since my last post and although I don't want to go into detail, I will simply explain that my absence was due to the sudden loss (shortly after my last post) of a very close family member, and so it has been a very difficult time. I won't dwell anymore on it here though!

This is a crafty blog after all!

I didn't sew at all for about 2 months, but have been doing bits since just before Christmas. I was eased back in by making a small cross-stitch pin cushion for a young lady for Christmas.

I was also going to show you a cross-stitch needle/scissor case I made for a close friend who was celebrating a big birthday in January, except I forgot to take photographs (what a numpty as Wendy would say)!! I'm waiting for my friend to email some piccies to me, so hopefully I'll be able to show them later on.

Then I made this cushion cover

.......... it's for my nephew's girlfriend who spent several months last year studying in Paris (lucky thing). The fabric on its own may have been enough, but I did embellish it a bit with some buttons and beads and I did a bit of appliqué on it too. She hasn’t seen it yet actually, but I think I’m safe – I doubt that she’ll be reading my blog ……. too busy having a great time at Uni in Manchester if she has any sense – which she has!!

At the time (referred to above) my lovely bloggy friend, Wendy, and I had agreed to a little Christmas pressie exchange, but with what happened, it was impossible for me to see it through – Wendy was very understanding of course. Then just after Christmas (I think) I received a lovely package from Wendy – she had still gone ahead and made things for me, and this is what she sent to me

a woolly crow on a stand; AND

Gingerbread Jam!!

aren't they gorgeous? I just LOVE them both and was so pleased with them, as they are both things I had admired that Wendy had already made previously either for herself or for another friend.

So I can now say publicly – a very big THANK YOU to my lovely, lovely friend Wendy!! Of course, I had already started what I was making for Wendy (I was about 75% through making it), but simply couldn’t finish it at the time. I have, however, since finished her pressie and made something too for her birthday (leap year baby), which I sent to her recently, but I’ll show those next time.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now, apart from to say that I have discovered just how much of a comfort my sewing is to me - it has truly been my solace and I should count myself lucky for that!

I’m very happy to be back in the world of blogging – it’s so addictive and so much fun, although I must resist being a slave to it in future, as I end up feeling guilty about the amount of time I spend at this computer blogging and blog hopping!

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