Thursday, 17 March 2011

Say "Hi" to .........

....... 'BERRY' - my latest little fabric wonder!!!

She's quite whimsical/quirky looking isn't she? And are you thinking you've perhaps seen her somewhere before? Well, just scroll back up, - and there she is - the little lady on my 'Bilberry Grove' banner at the top of my blog. I've been meaning to make a rag doll to look like her for a long time.

And here she is too sitting in her very own chair - a 75p bargain from a second-hand shop recently. I'd been looking out for something for my dolls to 'pose' on while I took a photograph, so I was very pleased with this.

And get this:-

my own personalised fabric label - something else I've been wanting for ages and I recently found a web site I could order from!!

Now then, if you like Berry - here she is again ............ but this time, with her twin sister. I thought I may as well make two, while doing one.

And Berry's twin is up for sale if anyone is interested! £25.00 + postage and packing. But just in case anybody who purchased a 'Tilda' doll from me in 2009 thinks the price is a bit cheaper than Tilda was, that's because I haven't had to buy anything to make 'Berry' - she is made entirely from my stash, whereas I had to buy practically everything from scratch for the 'Tilda' dolls ..... sorry, just felt I needed to explain that point.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, email to discuss!


Mrs A. said...

They are both sweet. Hugs Mrs a.

Simone said...

She is great Julia, Your very own Berry! I think Berry needs a Bill and then you will have a Bilberry!!! You are so clever. x

Wendy said...

Hi Julia,
Ooooo LOVE your Berry ! :)
You have such a talent for designing and making dolls, such lovely creativeness ... I feel soooo blessed to have some of your creations for my very own ;)
Its good to see you having fun again!
Hugs Wendy x

Judy K. said...

Just LOVE your very crative, happy blog!!! Thanks soooo much for stopping by mine!
Judy K.

Deb said...

Julia, Berry and her sister are beautiful. What a great idea to make one like your header and your own labels look great too.
You're a bit of a clever chook aren't you and obviously feeling enjoyment in your craft again.

Solstitches said...

Berry and her twin are so cute and that little chair is perfect for your dolly photo shoots.
Can you give a link to where you bought the labels?

belen said...

it is lovely, Julia!
and it looks so cute in the little chair!!!
hugs from Spain

Janovi said...

I love ur dolls!!! So so sweeeett!!

Country Prims said...

Hi Julia,
You are very creative, making Berry from a pic!

She is super cute and stitch perfect, as is her twin:)

Love your labels-great finish:)

Shazy x

Hemma på Landet said...

Oh, I love it.:-) Stina