Thursday, 17 March 2011

Say "Hi" to .........

....... 'BERRY' - my latest little fabric wonder!!!

She's quite whimsical/quirky looking isn't she? And are you thinking you've perhaps seen her somewhere before? Well, just scroll back up, - and there she is - the little lady on my 'Bilberry Grove' banner at the top of my blog. I've been meaning to make a rag doll to look like her for a long time.

And here she is too sitting in her very own chair - a 75p bargain from a second-hand shop recently. I'd been looking out for something for my dolls to 'pose' on while I took a photograph, so I was very pleased with this.

And get this:-

my own personalised fabric label - something else I've been wanting for ages and I recently found a web site I could order from!!

Now then, if you like Berry - here she is again ............ but this time, with her twin sister. I thought I may as well make two, while doing one.

And Berry's twin is up for sale if anyone is interested! £25.00 + postage and packing. But just in case anybody who purchased a 'Tilda' doll from me in 2009 thinks the price is a bit cheaper than Tilda was, that's because I haven't had to buy anything to make 'Berry' - she is made entirely from my stash, whereas I had to buy practically everything from scratch for the 'Tilda' dolls ..... sorry, just felt I needed to explain that point.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, email to discuss!

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