Saturday, 5 March 2011

Confession time!!

It's just as well Wendy is such a lovely bloggy friend ..... and forgiving too, as I recently had to confess to her my guilty secret of out and out plagiarism!!!!! I hear lots of sharp intakes of breath, "how could she" I hear you say!! What happened was that I linked to Tanya's blog from a comment left on one of Wendy's posts and discovered the cutest Gingerbread doll dressed in pink that Wendy had made and sent to Tanya, (click on the link to see the original, and best by far, Ginger doll). Then realising I had some of the same pink fabric and the right colour felt, I couldn't resist having a go at making one. So here is my version of Wendy's little Ginger dolls:

Please note, ALL CREDIT FOR DESIGN GOES TO WENDY, not me!! And credit for her forgiving nature too LOL xxxxxx and Wendy is so modest, she didn't even put a picture of the one she made on her own blog ... can't say the same for me though eh!!!

Anyway, now that that confession is out (phew - doesn't it feel better to get these things off your chest??), and talking of Wendy, which I was (I should have called this post 'Wendy' shouldn't I really, instead of 'Confession time') I was going to show what I had made for her ..... firstly a belated Christmas pressie (very belated) is a Prairie Doll:

...... and secondly a birthday present - this cute little Cupid Rag Doll:

So that's the lot for now. I'm working on yet another Rag Doll - it's no use, I just can't resist making them, so I won't try (resist that is)!!

Till next time
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