Saturday, 16 April 2011

Another bit of cross-stitch!

As I’ve got 5 minutes to spare while I wait to hear whether I’ve won the lottery tonight!!!!!!!!!, I thought I’d do a quick post. There’s been very little sewing going on around here lately, but I did finish another cross-stitch scissor/needlecase a couple of weeks ago which was a present for my niece (adopted niece anyway). It matches the pincushion I made for her for Christmas using the ‘little bird’ pattern Patti very kindly shared with me. And in keeping with the heart theme in the pattern, I bought a pair of ‘love’ scissors from Kelmscott Designs ........ I thought they were rather sweet! And just because I can, I finished it off with one of my new ‘handmade’ labels – what a show-off eh?!! Apart from the fact work has been very busy lately, I’ve been taking advantage of the lovely weather we’ve had this weekend and last, and have been outside sprucing up my garden fences, by re-painting them ..... it’s good exercise too!! And there’s plenty more to do tomorrow – oh joy!!!


Simone said...

I love the things you make Julia. You make me want to get out my cross stitch kits again but I have so many things I want to do! Your hand made labels really add the professional finishing touch to your work too. Have a lovely Sunday in the garden. x

Deb said...

They are absolutely beautiful Julia. I always adore the lovely goodies which you make. My mojo hasn't been fou nd anywhere of late, you haven't spotted it have you. I would so love to have the initiative to get back into it like you do.

Solstitches said...

Well, I do hope you won the lottery Julia. I keep trying but ........
The needle case is gorgeous.
I love the design and the fabrics you chose for the finishing are just perfect.
A lovely gift for your niece.

Wendy said...

Hi Julia,
Your scissor/needlecase is just gorgeous! I marvel at all your patience with those itsy-bitsy stitches...beautiful work as always :)
Hope you've been out toiling in that garden this weekend, lol, Fancy coming round and doing mine..hehehe
Love ya, Wendy x

sheri said...

Beautiful job, as usual, Julia! I really like this pattern and have to get around to stitching it myself one of these days. You picked athe perfect material to match your stitching and the Bilberry Grove label is perfection!