Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Bunny!

I didn’t quite manage to finish my latest project in time for Easter, but here she is anyway – better late than never! Introducing, Bunty, my Easter bunny

Look at those big eyes and those long droopy ears – isn’t she sweet? The pretty floral dress fabric is some that I had in a fabric sale from the USA and have wanted to use for a while now, and her big pink nose is made from a little bit of my wool stash – some I bought from the NEC last year from the Festival of Quilts. I think this is the first bit of the wool I’ve used (been saving it up for I don’t know what!).

I’ve decided not to put my Easter bits away just yet, as it would be a shame to shunt Bunty off into drawer so soon, so I’ll leave her out for another week .... or two maybe.

Well, I have an extra day off work today (yippee!!), but I must get on, as I have to go and buy paint for the new front door I shall be having fitted next weekend.

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