Thursday, 11 August 2011

TILDA rag doll

Look familiar?? It’s been well over 2 years since I made my first ‘Tilda’ doll for Katarina for an Easter Swap present (Easter 2009). Little was I to know at the time that ‘Tilda’ would be so popular, because I ended up making about 6 more (to order) ….. and could have made about another 10 if I had given in to the requests I received. Flattered as I was, because they took soooooooo long to make, I decided I wouldn’t make any more – they were stopping me from making other things I really wanted to make. However, somehow earlier in the year Nancy (Promises to Keep blog) managed to twist my arm and persuaded me to make one for her .............. so I decided that while I was making one doll (for Nancy), I may as well make two and that way, I would have a an extra one.

The question now is whether there is still anyone out there interested in buying a ‘Tilda’ rag doll, because this is the ‘spare’ that I intend to sell. All of the others I’ve made have been on the pretty side, but I was always struck by the tomboy images of Tilda and so that’s the way I’ve gone with this one ….. still quite pretty, but in a Tomboyish kind of way …. don’t you just love her brown boots??!!! She has a red blouse and matching red socks and a pair of dungarees made from a lovely chocolate brown floral stripe fabric (including a front pocket)! Her lovely long plaits are made from a deep red wool and she has a pretty red bow in her hair.

This is definitely the very last ‘Tilda’ I shall make (apart from Nancy’s, which is half made), because I really want to get back to working on a patchwork quilt that I haven’t touched for well over a year and I really want to get it finished ……… and then there’s another I want to make after that!! LOL A gluten for punishment, that’s me!!!

So, if there are any interested ‘Tilda’ fans out there, the price in UK sterling is £50, plus the cost of posting and packing, which will obviously be higher the further she has to travel. You can contact me by email or by leaving a comment on this post.

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