Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas time!

If only you could get a whiff of this picture ........... you would smell the most wonderful smell – Caramel Apple to be precise!!

This is just part of my Christmas package from my lovely, lovely friend Wendy (Quiet Room blog). The little lady above is described as a ‘Prim Wax Dipped Angel’ and she smells just gorgeous. And that’s exactly what she is – a little rag doll angel who has been dipped in wax (the whole thing)! I’ve never seen one before – quite amazing!! She has a lovely little red dress on and curled wire for her hair. As yet, she is still in the plastic bag – the smell is that strong, I don’t need to take her out of it yet.

And as well as my little angel, Wendy has made these beautiful wool cones – they’re so sweet look at the little Christmas mouse, and the Ginger.

Then there’s one with one of those grubby candles that light up (as demonstrated) .......... and then there’s some candy canes and a bundle of cinnamon sticks. They’re really lovely aren’t they?

And as if that lot isn’t enough, Wendy has also been cross-stitching and look at this beautiful Christmas pillow – I feel another "Gorgeous" coming on here!! But I can’t think of another adjective to describe it, so here goes – it’s blooming GORGEOUS!!

Thank you so much Wendy – they’re wonderful and I love them all.

I suppose while I’m at it I may as well show you what I sent to Wendy a couple of weeks ago. I stuck with wool, as that is Wendy’s favourite. First of all, I made a woolly Christmas pudding pin cushion, perched on an old wooden bobbin (made myself one too actually). I used red glass beads for the berries and added a couple of ceramic Christmas buttons, which can either stay attached, or could be snipped off for use if wanted.

Secondly I made this snowman wall hanging – Wendy loves snowmen, and I really enjoyed making it and was pleased with the outcome, as was Wendy I believe.

Anyway, that’s it for now this side of Christmas, so I wish everyone a


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