Saturday, 31 December 2011

More lovely Christmas pressies!!

Just look at this beautiful redwork embroidery Christmas picture I received from Deb (The Angel and the Pukeko blog). Isn't it beautiful, so much detail and hard work has gone into it - I love it. I plan on getting a nice frame for it eventually, as it deserves to be displayed properly, so that's a task for me in the New Year!

Deb also sent me these rag doll patterns, which I shall keep for another day - I do like them and would love to tackle them one of the days

............ and I also had this cute little 'Dolly Bird' fridge magnet. There was also a very appropriate (for Deb) 'Pukeko' shopping bag, but I forgot to photograph that and it's in the car now as I used it today when I went shopping.

Thanks Deb, I love them all and really appreciate the work you've put into the lovely embroidery.

Anyway folks, this may well be my penultimate blog post, as I shall soon be signing off from blogging - certainly for the time being anyway (Wendy, I will email you soon!) ......... priority's change and life just simply gets in the way at times, but I will explain more in another post. So for now I shall simply say a great big
'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to all my bloggy friends.

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