Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It's me again!!:0)

Well, I know I sorted of wrapped this blog up in January, but due to enforced rest and relaxation at home following a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to do a bit more stitching than usual, so I thought I may as well share it with anyone whose interested.

My first ‘finish’ (totally out of season I know) is my Father Christmas rag doll – I had planned to make him last Christmas, but time simply didn’t allow. I’m really pleased with him, although bearing in mind how much he has cost me to make, I should be pleased, ha ha!!

He has a pair of proper little spectacles and sheep’s wool for his hair and beard. His coat and trousers are made from 100% wool fabric sourced from one of the Scottish isles (it took me forever to track the right colour down)!

I’ve embellished his coat using silk velvet, other scraps of wool fabric, tiny buttons and holly fimo buttons, and I’ve sewn rusty bells around the base of his cape.

And his sack is made from a beautiful sky blue silk velvet with a lovely iron-on vintage image. He has a sweet little bear in his sack, and I shall add one or two other toys in the sack as and when I can find what I want.

Next is this pretty little velvet cushion.

I just hope the camera does justice to the beautiful lime green colour of the velvet, which perfectly matches the iron-on vintage image in the centre – can you tell I’ve been getting in to vintage images?!! The image on the front of the cushion is edged with ivory lace and the back of the cushion is a lovely rose colour raw silk (sorry forgot to take a photo of the back!).

My last ‘show’ isn’t quite a finish and I shall only show a little of it here, as it’s a birthday present for a family member. She probably won’t see this, but just in case. So this is just a bit of embroidery and you can see some of the tiny beads I still have to sew on.

Well, I shall probably be back at work later on next week, so time for sewing will drastically reduce once again. I have enjoyed completing a few more things, but it will probably be a while before I have anything else to ‘show off’. I haven’t unfortunately been able to work on my quilt (see last post), as having had a hysterectomy, it’s too heavy at the moment to work on. Onwards and upwards though as they say (I think)!!

So until another time!!

PS. Blogger has changed since the last time I posted and my lovely font seems to have disappeared - oh bum!!

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